10 August 2014

Sunday Soak - The Yorkshire Soap Company

In very exciting and well timed news, I just found out last night that the Yorkshire Soap Company has opened a store in Leeds! 

Well timed because it was only earlier this week that I used up my last remaining Yorkshire Soap Co bath truffle, and exciting because my previous in-store experiences with the brand have never been less that exceptional - so not only do I get to stock up on their goodies more often, I don't have to go as far to do it! 

I only really discovered the Yorkshire Soap Company around a year or so ago, when on a random day out in Hebden Bridge I was enticed the most magical little store selling what looked like the most delicious and perfectly iced cakes you'd ever seen. Except they weren't cakes. 

Cupcakes in a multitude of colours, huge delicately decorated gateaux, pretty little flower-topped truffles - but all made of soap. 

I've since visited the York store frequently and have always been impressed by the smartly dressed, polite and well-informed staff, the airy store design and of course the stunning products. Shopping there feels like a ridiculously high-end experience - but one where you can buy beautiful treats for only a couple of pounds! 

I've rambled on plenty already so just a quick word or so about the truffle I took to the bath with me this week - I originally bought this 'Yorkshire Rose' scented one for Steph in a bit of a tea/soap swap, and bought a different one for myself - but then when it was posting off time accidentally popped the wrong one in her box (sorry Steph!). It worked out ok for me though - who wouldn't want to smell like a Yorkshire Rose! 

The truffles, choc full of cocoa butter and almond oil, melt away in the hot water leaving the bathwater luxuriously creamy and sweetly fragranced - the scent stays with you for hours after emerging from the tub and they leave my skin feeling incredibly soft all day. 

These indulgent little melts are available in a wide range of glorious fragrances for around £2.50 each. There is an online store here, and they're on twitter too, but really if there's any way you can get to one of the stores, that's definitely the way to shop with the Yorkshire Soap Co! 


  1. Oh wow that looks amazing! Who wouldn't want a bath/cake treat xo

  2. I want to eat it. :(

    Corinne x

  3. This sounds gorgeous and it's so pretty! :)
    I really need a trip to Leeds I think!

    Jess xo


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