7 August 2014

Crafty Creatives Silk Painting Kit

This is probably the most shamefully overdue post I've ever written, as these fab little craft boxes were supposed to be for our fab blogger holiday waaaaaaay back in April. However I, once again proving I can't be trusted to do anything right, left them all under my office at work, only remembering them when we were half way to Arnside.
crafty creatives boxes
Then if that wasn't bad enough, it's taken me this foolish amount of time to get it out and play with it! I got there in the end though, and me and Little Miss had lots of fun getting stuck in!
But for now, back to the boxes! These come from Crafty Creatives - a monthly subscription box service that packages up and sends out all you need to get stuck into an exciting new craft. The ones we were supposed to take on holiday were February's Silk Painting boxes. These came with four different paints, a paintbrush, and three silk squares for painting (one plain and two with pre-printed designs), as well as backing paper and salt for adding effects!

crafty creatives silk box

The first step is to iron the silk squares onto the backing paper - this will keep everything flat and smooth and negate the need for a frame. This is actually also one of my excuses for taking so long as I don't actually own an iron so we finally took the box up to my mums house to get it done!

Once ironed you are ready to paint! We thought the best starting point was the most simple looking of the 'pre-gutta' designs - images are printed in gutta which stops the paint spreading across the silk. This worked out really well for the occasionally heavy-handed little madam, because as long as she kept her first 'blob' of paint within the lines, it was going to stay there. It wasn't too long at all before we had a silk sheet full of neatly and brightly coloured pencils! (The paints can be mixed together to create a variety of shades so we had a very colourful selection of pencils!)

craft sub box
The instructions suggest that adding salt to the wet paint can give some really interesting effects so we thought we'd give this a go on the 'background' of the pencil sheet. Here's where we run into a couple of problems! Firstly, the rather insipid yellow-green shade that we ended up with as a background colour was less by design and more the result of an accidental spillage (I can't even blame the little one, I was the clumsy oaf responsible for that!), and I think to work to it's best effect the salt needs to be applied a little more delicately than it was by the over enthusiastic five year old. The deal was I painted and she salted while it was still wet, but rather than 'applied carefully to wet paint' it was more kind of 'pour all over everything, whether it's been painted or not'.
Still, once dried there were definitely areas where you could see the salt had taken effect and left us with some very cool looking silk - I can imagine in more careful hands this could look really stunning!

Since she had most of the fun with the first one, I was allowed a go with the other pre-gutta sheet (as Madam had set her sights on the plain one so she could get a bit more creative!), and thoroughly enjoyed myself! I can imagine that getting stuck in with this without my noisy apprentice would have been really relaxing (if not quite so much messy fun)!

Despite having a practice run I don't think Little Miss quite anticipated how much the paint would spread without the gutta keeping it in place, but I think her flowers are lovely anyway. She said I can keep this, as long as she can have the one I did - and grandma can keep the pencils for helping us with the ironing (and clearing up all the salt, paint, and whatever else we got all over her kitchen).
flowers on silk

Despite taking forever to get round to it, I loved doing the silk painting with my little lady (her brother wasn't excluded by the way, he was off painting models with granddad so this became a girls activity!) - we had loads of fun and have these beautiful reminders of our precious time together.
I think they boxes would be really rewarding and fun on your own but if I got an more I don't think Missy would let me do it by myself!
Each month comes with a different crafty activity - I'm a bit gutted I missed out on the previous  'candle making' box - and cost £15 + postage of £2.95. You can sign up here, or say hello on twitter.
I'd definitely get one of these again (you never know, I may have an unknown crafty skill ready to be discovered!) and when I do I won't take so long to open it!


  1. I love grafting :) Thanks for sharing! xo's

    Pink Frenzy

  2. This sounds like a lovely way to discover a new craft and looks like such fun, although I can imagine it's a bit delicate for a five year old! The good thing about crafting with kids is you just enjoy the process instead of worrying about it being perfect :)

    Jess xo

  3. looks like a great box! and you all had fun may have to try this.


  4. I love the concept of this, it's a pity you missed out no the candle making one though!

    Wait - you don't own an iron? I've I own and iron and I'm barely responsible enough to have a job.

    Corinne x


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