29 August 2014

Degustabox August Unboxing

Usually I track the progression of my Degustabox around the streets of Bradford very closely until it gets to me - I must have missed this months text alert that it was on its way so it was a lovely surprise to find out it had arrived at the office before me one day this week! 

I obviously wasted no time getting it open, and this is what I found inside!

fun food subscription

Mexican Dave's Tortilla chips (RRP £1.00) - Mmmm I love tortilla chips. My boyfriend is a bit of a crisp purist - it's potato or nothing for him - and he doesn't really get tortillas, but I much prefer them to regular crisps so I look forward to diving into this bag tonight ('tis Friday afterall!). Also, an RRP of £1 for a bag this size makes it cracking value.

degustabox chips

Berry White Peach and Goji Berry Drink (RRP £1.59) - I'll admit I haven't actually tried any of the drinks in the box yet - they've all gone in the fridge so I can drink them at optimum temperature, but there's some nice looking ones - it's a bit of a drink heavy box! Berry White drinks are all organic with no added nasty bits, and I love anything peach flavoured so looking forward to this! 

Cawston Press Apple and Pear Juice (RRP £1.89 for 3) - I'v tried tinned versions of a couple of the Cawston Press drinks and they were lovely so have no reason to expect this will be any different! The kids would love it but since there's only one and I don't want the to fight over it, so I better drink it myself...

pressed pears

Schwartz Flavour Shots (RRP £1.39) - These look great - the range of meals I can and do cook at home is.... fairly limited. These handy little flavour shots that will add taste and interest to my meals without me having to work any harder are a great idea and I'm sure will go down a storm.

mexican fajita chicken paprika sauce

Caribbean Twist Strawberry Daiquiri (RRP £2.50) - A pre-mixed and ready to drink cocktail in a bottle, this makes me want to sun to come out again. Drinking it in a jumper with the heating on just doesn't seem right (not that my heating is on, I'm from Yorkshire!). This is the 'alcoholic option', other boxes came with a non-alcoholic option...

strawberry daiquri mixed

Fever Tree Ginger Beer and Tonic Water (RRP £1.69 each) - These two make up the non-alcoholic option, and are a lovely looking pair. I particularly like the look of the gorgeously cloudy ginger beer, though I'm not sure I actually like the taste of ginger beer! 

tonic water and ginger beer

Lindt  Just For You Heart Chocolate Tin (RRP £3.49) - I;m always happy to see chocolate, in these boxes or anywhere else! But this lovely little tin and the heart shaped chocolates make this feel like even more of a special little treat than 'normal' chocolate - I feel loved by my Degustabox! 

little chocolate gifts

Brioche Pasquier - Pain Au Lait (RRP £1.69) and Pain Au Chocolat (RRP £1.29) - So far these are the only things I've actually tried from this box as I thought the Pain Au Chocolat would make a lovely breakfast accompaniment to my morning coffee. Obviously they're not the same as proper freshly baked flaky pastries, but they certainly fill a chocolately, buttery hole. 

pain au lait chocolat indvididually wrapped

Dr Oetker Edible Wafer Cupcake Cases (RRP £2.50) - I've said before that the Dr Oetker products that crop up a lot in the Degustaboxes are often my favourites, and again I love the idea of these! The only thing that would put me off buying them again is the price - £2.50, but for only 6 cases in the box adds a fair bit to the price of the individual cupcake. A fun alternative for a special treat, but I'm not likely to make a full-time switch from the paper versions sadly.

edible cupcake cases

Also, here's something new from Degusrabox! A voucher for regridgerated items! Obviously anything that needs to be kept in the fridge or freezer can't be delivered with everything else so these vouchers are a nice little addition. This one is for a pack of Moma Bircher Muesli, RRP £2.99. The only thing is this can only be redeemed at Waitrose or Sainsburys, neither of which I have locally. I'm sure I can pass it on to someone who will use it, but it's a shame that it can only be used at limited supermarkets. The vouchers are just classed as an 'extra' item though, not counted in the value of the box.

Degustabox is a monthly subscription, so if you sign up you get a monthly box of treats straight to your door. The value of the products in the box always works out more than the cost of the box itself, plus it's a great way of trying things you might not otherwise spot on your usual weekly shop. If you are a fussy eater it might not be for you, but if you are interested in trying new things then it's certainly great value and a lot of fun! 

At full price the boxes are £12.99 a month (or £11.99 if you sign up to a six moth subscription!), but you can save yourself £3 on your first box with the code HIZSP, making it even more of a bargain! You can sign up here, or find them on twitter or facebook if you have any more questions! 

Are you hungry now? I know I am.... where are those tortilla chips....


  1. This is such a great idea! Those chocolates look fab too x

  2. You must have those Fever Tree drinks with some gin! They're so lush!

    Chelsea xx
    Love in Modern Life

  3. I feel hungry now!! Would love that cocktail! :D

  4. just had breakfast and now I'm hungry again! haha
    this looks awesome :)


  5. Some good items in this box, I do prefer the box where you get ingredients to make meals though x

  6. After reading this, I am now super hungry! Teehee. It looks like you get a good variety of different items. Which one has been your favourite out of this months box?x

  7. I love pain au chocolat. My boyfriend is on a restrictive diet at the minute but I'm thinking he would love this for Christmas.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  8. Love the chocolate hearts!! Yum adele x acesparklestar.blogspot.co.uk

  9. I love Degustaboxes! I might sign back up again! I miss my monthly treats :D



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