6 August 2014

Degustabox July

I usually get most of my deliveries sent to work - which usually works out best for me as I'm always there and not only do I then not have to trail out to pick things up from post offices and courier depots, I get them just that bit earlier too!

food subscription box contents

But Oh! The pain caused when I was on holiday last week and I got a text to say that my July Degustabox had been delivered and it'd be a couple of days before I could get it in my hands! (Patience is a virtue but not one I possess!)

Eventually, and thankfully, I finally managed to delve into my Degustabox and I was not disappointed! Here's what came in July's box:

fancy soft drinks

Three Zeo soft drinks (RRP £1.29 per bottle, of £4.29 for a four pack) - these came in three different flavours, citrus crush, lime zest and my favourite - peach and grapefruit burst. The glass bottles definitely lend these an air of sophistication, and the drinks are refreshing and tasty without being over sweet or fizzy - definitely a 'grown up' soft drink. I wouldn't buy them regularly but they'll definitely be good for certain occasions!

odd popcorn flavours

The Portlebay Popcorn (RRP 79p per bag) was a very exciting thing to come across! I love popcorn in pretty much all the forms and flavours I've tried after developing an obsession with it when working at the cinema in my student days. That being said, I've never come across a 'Crispy Bacon and Maple Syrup' flavour before and was a touch apprehensive but this was delicious! Definitely more 'maple syrupy' than bacony, but with just a touch of smokiness... very interesting, and distinctly moreish!

These Maggi (RRP around 90p per sachet) cooking sauces will come in really handy, as I'm determined t start cooking more 'proper' meals, but still want it to be as easy as possible! There were a bunch of possible flavours and I'm particularly looking forward to the oriental soy and garlic cook-in-the-bag chicken!

cupcake decorations
I've had Dr Oetker baking aids in the last couple of Degustaboxes and they're one of my favourite parts - if I ever get one without I'll be very disappointed! I love to browse the baking sections of the supermarket but it's so easy to get overwhelmed and not be able to make a decision - this way all I have to decide is what to make with my new baking cupboard additions! This box came with Eton Mess (RRP £1.99) and Violet Crystals (£1.29).

flavoured dark chocolate
I'll never be sad to see chocolate, and Green and Blacks (RRP 2.29) is such a fab brand too. I've loved many of their chocolate flavours but never tried this Lemon one before. I do need a bit of extra something to get me through a lot of dark chocolate (I do like it, but definitely prefer it with added flavour!) and the lemony hints here give this just the right balance! It's all gone now.....
And this is where things get a teeny bit more complicated this month as there were two different boxes - all the July boxes will contain the above products and either:

frank bar

The Berry Company Tea (RRP £1.49), available in a range of delicious sounding flavours, and a Frank bar (RRP 85p) - a snack bar made with 100% natural ingredients, also available in a range of flavours.

Two bottles of Hornsby's Blueberry Cider (RRP £1.25 each). I never considered myself a cider drinker, but I've been converted to these fruity flavours after trying a strawberry one in a previous box so was happy to see them reappear!
I'd have been happy with either box option but was very lucky that I got to try both sets of products!
Degustabox costs £12.99 a month (including delivery) and is great way to try out exciting products and discover new brands - and as an extra treat you can get £3 off your first box with the code 9ADC1!
I know I always look forward to mine arriving!

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