2 August 2014

Le Chalet, Leeds - Blogger Buffet

I've had an amazing week off work, adventuring with the little guys - and it's been so much fun in so many different ways but it's meant that cups of tea have been sadly few and far between and when they did come, it was often drunk while wandering around and served in a paper cup.

It's with great gratitude then that I was invited along midweek to the gorgeous French Tea Room, Le Chalet, in Leeds to try out some of their tasty treats and amazing teas.

french style afternoon tea

While it's not uncommon for me to turn up to events a week bit late, Simone and myself and the hordes of kids we had in tow (well it was just three of them but it felt like a lot!) turned up to Le Chalet a good hour or so before many of the other guests arrived - oops! Silver linings abound though, and this meant we got first shout on the beautiful 'afternoon tea' items that were first put out on the buffet. 

As you may be aware, I'm rather fond of afternoon tea - and I've heard great things about the one offered by Le Chalet. The sandwiches seemed grand by all accounts but everyone knows it's all about the cakes - and the ones I tried last week were delightful! 

I don't know if I'd be allowed to call myself a blogger if I said anything bad about macaroons, but it was the little chocolate-cream-filled choux pastries that stole the show for me - mmm! 

great tea menu leeds

Obviously, the tea is as important as the cake - and the tea menu at Le Chalet is so impressive that I feel like I did it a disservice by ordering my comparatively boring choice of Earl Grey. It was delicious though, beautifully served in these lovely glass tea pots so you can really see the development of the perfect brew. Luckily I also managed to pinch a cup of Simone's Vanilla Tea, and Carrieanne's Wild Cherry Tea - they were all great but the cherry one was my pick of the bunch! 

le chalet leeds food

After filling myself up with cake and scones, I only had room left to dabble in the savoury section (that's the right way round of doing things, right?) - but everything I tried was delicious! Meat tender, veggies flavoursome, pastry perfectly cooked - it was all just really really good! 

le chalet food

Unfortunately we had to duck out before the end of the event - one the little ones had eaten their fill they were less content to sit patiently while I discussed the finer points of french cuisine so we made our merry way home with promises to return! 

french food in leeds

As well as standard Breakfast, Lunch and Afternoon Tea fare to be had at Le Chalet - I've spotted on the website that they offer a monthly tea-tasting session and this sounds right up my street! Plus there's a lot of cake left in the display cabinet I haven't tried yet, so a return visit is definitely on the cards! 

You'll find Le Chalet on Park Row in Leeds and it's definitely worth a pop-in for the gorgeous decor and lovely staff alone - the food is a big bonus! You can also find them on twitter here to say 'bonjour' to! 


  1. Looks lovely! I adore afternoon tea x

  2. Oh this looks like it was so good, could potentially one to try!

    Sharon x


  3. Damn this looks good, must look it up and add it to my list! I LOVE French food!

  4. I work like a minute away from this place! Glad to see a good review of it though, it seemed like no one ever went in! I shall have to pop in and try a macaroon :)

    Danniella x

  5. It looks amaaazing! So delicious!

  6. Oh woooww all the food looks so yummy! xo
    amber love

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