3 August 2014

Sunday Soak - Lush Twilight

I'd anticipated a very tiring and stressful week - I've been off work for summer holiday adventures with the little ones - so bought myself Twilight early on in the week as a treat to myself for getting to the end of it. Turns out my week was completely delightful, but it's still always nice to have a lovely bath treat regardless! 

lavender bath soak

Twilight has a lovely sleepy scent, lavender with tonka and benzoin, for a soothing and calming experience. The use of aromatherapy is supposed to aid restful sleep, making this a perfect bed time bath. I used it in the morning, but then I got to go back to bed for a bit anyway, so win! 

lush bath bomb

The pretty pinky-purple bath bomb, decorated with stars, is designed to emulate the darkening sky. It starts by releasing a soft pink foam, but once water hits the centre the blue core fizzes away faster, leaving a bright trail across the lavender water. 

It was a bit of a slow dissolver, this one, so I didn't get a picture of the full finished effect (as I wanted to actually get in the bath and get on with the relaxing) but I ended up with a bath full of silvery purple water with a very pretty fine glitter throughout.

pretty lavender bath

All in all another corker from Lush. Very pretty, very relaxing - mmmm now I want to go to sleep again! 


  1. Oooh that does look rather relaxing! For some reason I thought it was going to turn my bath pink, but if that's what it does I'll be trying this one next.

    Danniella x

  2. I always assumed it would turn the bath pink, too, but that actually sounds really lovely! I like Lush glitter as it dissolves when it hits your skin instead of clinging to all the bath towels and the floor and everything else!

    S xo.


  3. Twilight is one of my faves, even if it is totally underrated! Xo

  4. I have never tried Twilight but I love how is smells when Im in store. I like to try & buy something new each time & this will be my next purchase

  5. Does it leave the bath all gritty? All bath bombs I've tried in the past leave a crunch under my bum.


  6. I wish I had a bath so I could use my bath bomb!

    Corinne x

  7. I've never used a bath bomb from Lush before! I have one waiting in my cupboard but can't bring myself to use it, seems too special! x
    amber love

  8. Did you sparkle? Like a vampire? I LOVE bath bombs, however they do not like me or my vagina and I end up with thrush. bad times

  9. This is soooooo pretty! I'm like the person above though, always scared to try out a Lush bath bomb in case it makes me sore! Maybe I'll be brave enough one day :P

  10. This sounds great :) I'm all about glitter ;) xo's

    Pink Frenzy


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