25 August 2014

Memebox - My Cute Wishlist

I've been hoarding Memeboxes like a madwoman for months now, but this one - the My Cute Wishlist Memebox - is really eveything you could expect and want in a box full of Korean beauty products! Everything is so adorable, so sweet and lovely that this is definitely one of my all time favourite Memeboxes! 

Here's what came in it! 

cute korean beauty items

Pure Smile Neco Punch Point Pad Hibiscus and Lemongrass ($2 each) - I've never seen anything like these before - little mini moisture patches that you stick on areas 'in need of concentrated care'. These will be great for any particular dry areas and the little paw prints on the point pads are completely adorable! 

at;fox Moisturising Gel Cream Gyoolpy Tea, Whitening Capsule Cream Jasoyup Herb Tea, and Lifting Cream Black Tea 10ml ($6 each) - just how adorable are these? Three different and interesting sounding creams but I;m much more interested in the adorable packaging! (Which is kind of a good job as these aren't very big so there's not a whole lot of product in each one!)

adorable korean beauty products

Beauty People Snow White Edition Eyeliner Set ($54) - I'd seen this gorgeous little tin as a spoiler on one of the other boxes and very nearly bought it just for this item, so I was very happy to see this inside my box! I still think the tin is adorable, and the eyeliners are lovely too - beautiful colours with a really creamy application, I'm very pleased to add these to my collection! 

gold eyeliners

Etude House Missing U Handcream 30ml ($5) - How cute? Ok, so like the cupcakes there's not a whole lot of product in this little fella, he's all about the cute factor which is something he has in abundance! The handcream itself is nice and smells of baby powder. There were a couple of other, equally adorable, hand cream buddies with different fragrances but I think little Fairy Penguin is my favourite and I'm very glad he came in my box! 

missing u korean

Pure Smile Muddy Girl 15g ($1) - This cute little heart shaped packet contains a mud based face mask. This one contains charcoal though some folk got a red clay version too. 

pure smile mud

Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick ($5) - Yet another item where my initial instinct was just to write 'how cute is this?!' - the sweet little candy stick hides a moisturising lip tint, available in a variety of shades and scents. I'm very happy to have received the strawberry instead of the orange or lemon, but very sure I'd have been pleased as punch to receive anything that looked like  a candy cane! 

novelty lipstick from korea

Kocostar Split End Therapy 8ml ($6) - Though I'm always happy to receive anything that will help out the condition of my hair, I'll admit that at first I wasn't quite sure why this was in the Cute Wishlist box. Then I spotted the really cute polka-dot hair tie and it all made sense! You pop your hair in a pony tail which you then put inside the hair wrap, securing with the hair tie, and leave it for 15 minutes to soak in all the nutrients and goodies. 

Can you see why I was so pleased with this one? It's a gem!

Unfortunately this box has sold out, as has the second Cute Wishlist box to be released BUT, joy of joys, Memebox have just released a THIRD My Cute Wishlist box which you can get your paws on here - but be quick, I can imagine this won't be about for long! You can also save money on shipping (and get it faster!) by buying it in a bundle like this one along with the OMG box 3 and the K-Style Box 3. I received the first K-Style box (you can see what I got here!) and OMG box as well as this cute-filled box of goodies, I think this is the option I'll be taking!

What do you think of my box of cuteness? how many times did you 'awwwwww'?

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  1. Oh my that looks amazing! I'm totally the same, not bothered if there's only a bit of product as long as the packaging is super cute. Those cupcakes look so sweet I really wish this hadn't sold out :(

    Kayleigh xo

  2. Oh wow - I love this!! It really is so cute!!

  3. omg so much cuteness!! love the little penguin :)


  4. I got this box too and I "awwwwwww-ed" about 50 times. I got the penguin too ... so ridiculously adorable!

  5. Love the packaging of those moisturising gel creams! Too cute xx

  6. This looks absolutely gorgeous and too cute to handle!


  7. Everything in this box looks so adorable! I love quirky beauty items with unique packaging and the Memebox seems to have such a great selection! The Beauty People Snow White Edition Eyeliner Set looks amazing! Alice xx

  8. This box looks so good, I do have a mental image though of you house being full to the brim with Korean cosmetics now hehe


  9. See this is why I love Memebox. The products are so fun, full sized and not to mention good quality!! Love this box!!

  10. how cute is this box! I was sent a meme box to review with all chocolate pampering products was amazing box.


  11. This box is way too cute, I can't believe I've still never gotten one. I'm going to try Memebox for real now!

  12. I managed to get my hands on this box and I agree SUPER DUPER CUTE OVERLOAD!xxxxx


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