26 August 2014

Outfit - A Day In Bruges

It's been a little while since I've managed an outfit post on here, boy oh boy finding decent pictures can be a tricky thing! I have bought a bunch of nice new dresses recently though so thought I better show one of them off to justify so many purchases! 

We had a little visit to Bruges last week and managed to find a gap in between rain showers to take some pictures. 

emily and fin autumn

The dress is my very first Emily and Fin dress! I've been after one of these for a little while as they have so many beautiful designs so when I saw Aspire Clothing was having a huge sale I got a bit giddy! This Abigail style dress in the yellow heart leaf print is pretty much autumn in a dress and helps ease me into the realisation that summer has said goodbye to us. It's a gorgeous frock and can definitely imagine it to be the first of many. 

autumn leaf fabric

The shoes are also new - once again a sale buy, this time from Rocket Dog who just make the most comfortable shoes. I wore these for hours and miles on their first outing that day without a hint of rubbing or soreness - I really like their kind of clunky nerdiness and think they'll go well with a whole bunch of autumn outfits - there's also a teensy bit of a heel which is nice 'cos I'm not the tallest, but not enough to make walking in any way difficult. 

You may be spotting a theme here, but the bag is new, and was in the sale! I've walked past the Ness store in York a whole bunch of times, always stopping for a bit of a gaze in their window - but it wasn't until I saw this lovely bag - with a healthy discount - in the window that I finally made a purchase! I don't even think I have to justify the purchase in any other way than saying 'it has tea cups on it'.

ness edinburgh bag

Finally, my Pterodactyl necklace was - you guessed it! - a recent sale buy! I got carried away buying loads of cheap note books on the lovely Ohh Deer site recently and thought I'd add this to my basket to help bump me up to the 'free delivery' cost (I also bought a load of chocolate - yum!) - isn't he lovely? I do forget to accessorise most of the time despite having some lovely pieces so I really need to make more of an effort in that area! 

pteradactyl jewellery

I really have been treating myself reccently, haven't I?! The New Look cardigan is old and one of my most-worn things, if that helps balance it out! 

Have you admitted Summer is over yet or are you still holding out hope for some last bits of sunshine?


  1. I'm so jealous, I'd love to go to Bruges! That's a gorgeous dress too, I love that yellow :) Emily and Fin do some beautiful dresses, I've always wanted one but not yet taken the plunge!

  2. You look so pretty! I love this color on you and your shoes are the cutest!! :)


  3. I want those shoes - they look awesome with that dress! Sucks when you go somewhere and it rains, still I hope you had a great time regardless.

  4. The dress is so pretty. Love it. xx

  5. Such a lovely outfit!! I love the print of your dress :D


  6. You look fab! I soo want those shoeshies!

  7. Love the colorful outfit!!! and those shoes are just fab!!!
    I love Bruges! went there last year and it is just so magic!
    Alice|Alice's Beauty Madness

  8. I love that bag and the necklace. I also love Bruges, it's one of my favourite Belgian cities :)

  9. You look lovely! I love the dress and handbag too x

  10. Bruges is definitely on my visit list. I love the yellow in the dress :)

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  11. What a cute dress, suits you like a glove! I also love the bag and the shoes. Oh, how I miss Bruges and its delicious chocolate.

  12. Love your dress! Bruges is so cute city :) xo's

    Pink Frenzy

  13. I loved that dress on you. :)

  14. I love the entire outfit but the necklace and bag stand out to me the most. I need them!


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