11 August 2014

Bloggers Dining Club - Reds True BBQ, Leeds

Last Wednesday saw the latest Bloggers Dining Club evening out, where we ventured to Reds True Barbecue.

Reds has been a name bandied about a bunch since dining club discussions began, but lack of organisation, tricky booking policies and the fact that some people had been before and fancied a change all meant it had been put off a few times. I for one was very exited to finally get in there though!

reds true bbq

Having set my mind very firmly on dessert I decided to forgo a starter, but the ribs that Sammie and Carrieanne ordered looked great and smelled incredible! 

But it was straight onto the mains for me - it wasn't an easy choice as many of the menu options (predominantly big meaty things) sounded amazing, but really I think I'd made up my mind what I had to have the first time I looked at the menu, ages ago. Because where else are you going to get a Donut Burger?

Yup, a burger (or more accurately two, along with cheese and bacon) served not in a bun but between two donuts. Proper, sweet, glazed donuts. 

I didn't even really want it, in that I wasn't at all convinced I'd enjoy eating it. I just knew that if I'd had the opportunity to order a donut burger and not done so, I'd have regretted it. 

leeds donut burger

However, I had no need to fear - this was pretty amazing! 

When you think about it in context of having a sweet barbecue sauce on your burger, for example, the sweet'n'meat combo doesn't seem quite so bonkers, and the whole thing worked together much better than could have been expected! 

Of course, the flavours making sense doesn't help the logistic of eating this as the thing in about 18 inches tall. Ok, that's a slight exaggeration, but it's not something you can just pick up and bite! After much deliberation it seemed the best approach was to half it length-ways and eat it with a knife and fork. This way I managed to get through pretty much the whole thing without making too much mess and publicly embarrassing myself, hurray! 

The burger comes served with a decent portion of the delicious skin-on fries (really good with the triple hot sauce on the far end of the sauce tray above!) and a couple of 'hush puppies' - sweetcorn and jalapeno fritters - lovely! 

The drink recommended on the menu as the best thing to accompany my meal was a bottle of the crisp and tasty Dixie Lager and I'm not one to ignore such a confident recommendation so I had one of those to wash it down with. It was a good choice! (I swear I did get a picture of it, as well as a bunch more of the place itself and have no idea what happened to them!) I do fancy one of the awesome sounding milkshakes if I ever go back though! 

reds true bbq desserts

Then I obviously finished this all up with dessert! Dessert is always my favourite bit of any meal and when you look at the dessert menu and you see the words 'chocolate peanut butter cheesecake' in that order you know you are onto a good 'un!

This was everything I wanted it to be, and I'm sure Sharon was very happy in the end that I 'forced' her to get one too!

Big thanks to Hayley, Sammie, Sharon, Carrieanne and Sally for joining me for my first visit to Reds, and hope to see you all next month!

Fancy coming out for dinner with us? Bloggers Dining Club runs the first Wednesday of every month in or around Leeds and any details and discussion can be found here - would love you to come!


  1. A donut burger?!! A DONUT BURGER!! I can't decide if that's gross or amazing! I'm in Leeds this Wednesday for dinner, if only I'd come a week earlier I could have gate crashed :p

  2. Wow a burger between two donuts, that's interesting to say the least! Does look tasty mind you.

  3. Aw bloggers dining club sound so cool! Everything blogging is so far from me :(

  4. Oh wow the food looks so yummy! donut burger is not something I have ever seen before!


  5. That dessert looks and sounds incredible. I also would be cautious about ordering the donut burger but would be so tempted to know what it tastes like! I wish I lived near Leeds :(

  6. oooh a Donut Burger! I'm really intrigued by this. I don't like cheese but I reckon I'd love to try it without that, such an interesting idea, I can actually imagine it being really nice!

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  7. Wow the donut burger looks and sounds amazing. I know where I am going next time I am in Leeds :)

  8. I had the same dessert again today when Gaz and I went - and yep, you totally forced it on me the first time haha x


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