18 September 2014

Afternoon Tea at Harewood House

It feels like SO LONG since I've had afternoon tea, I thought I'd try to make up for it by having two at the weekend! The first took place at the very grand Harewood House. We'd planned a visit anyway to go see the penguins, and it just made sense to book in for tea while we were there - and I'm nothing if not sensible when it comes to tea opportunities.
stately home afternoon tea

Firstly, the setting for the tea is nothing short of stunning. Despite being a wee overcast, it was warm enough to comfortably sit outside in the Terrace Café, which basically meant we were sat in front of this not-too-shabby-looking pile of bricks...

grand places to visit yorkshire

...and facing this equally as lovely view. The house and the grounds are both pretty gorgeous and we had a good explore before settling down for tea (with another post's worth of pictures, if anyone is interested?)

great views yorkshire
Feeling a bit fancy (well it was a fancy place!) we had a glass of prosecco apiece as well as the tea. The prosecco was nice and cold, and the tea good and hot.
drinks with afternoon tea
The sandwiches were a good mix of ham, cucumber and smoked salmon with cream cheese. You guys probably know how I feel about salmon by now (I did on this occasion try taking the salmon out and just eating the cram cheese but still too fishy for my liking!) but the others were grand, well filled and on nice soft bread.

Cake wise, we had a chocolate brownie, carrot cake and another thing that I can't remember what it was or describe it very well - sorry! It definitely had sultanas and possibly some sort of Christmas cakey vibe? Sorry I can't do better - I didn't eat much of mine! I'm not a massive fruit-in-cake fan and the t'other half who had come along on this tea adventure loved it so I swapped him for his carrot cake (which he's not generally keen on - didn't that all work out beautifully?). The carrot cake was my favourite, delicious and moist with just the right amount of filling!
I did think the brownie and the scone were a little dry but I might just be getting overly fussy as the Mr insisted they were both fine.

harewood cakes

While we are on scone problems though, it's never my favourite thing when the come pre-jam-and-creamed. I'm a bit picky about my jam-to-cream-to-scone ratio, so this doesn't really work for me . . and you end up having to separate the two halves to eat it, meaning you get a jammy half and a creamy half instead of two jammy creamy halves.
So overall not the greatest tea ever - but the good elements, like the stunning backdrop and our charming waitress, balanced out the bad and I left full of cake and feeling good!

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