7 September 2014

Bloggers Dining Club - LAB Bar, Leeds

The first Wednesday of every month is Bloggers Dining Club. This means once a month I bully innocent local bloggers to go for dinner with me as an excuse to eat lots of nice food. 

Luckily this month, the date coincided with a very gratefully received invitation to check out Leeds' LAB bar - So me, Sammie and Hayley bobbed along in the evening to see what they had to offer. 

LAB, the newest addition to the Jones Bar Group, is based near Leeds Arena in prime position for pre- and post- arena event food and drinks. As suggested by the name, LAB are taking an experimental approach to their drinks creations, as demonstrated by the Period Table inspired cocktail menu - and since they clearly put so much thought into their cocktails, we figured it'd only be fair to try a couple! 

where for drinks before leeds arena

Out waiter offered to make us his three best cocktails and I do always appreciate a good personal recommendation (not to mention it just so happened the ones he had in mind were the ones we'd been looking at anyway!). Mine was the very delicious 'Opulent Cuban' - champagne and rum with lime, blueberries and mint. 

While we sipped out cocktails we perused the menu and had a little look around. The stripped back interior - exposed brick walls and industrial fittings -  might ring a few bells with those familiar with venues in the Jones group (think Roxy Lanes/Ballroom, Hirst's Yard etc), but in a bit of a new spot. As a Leeds outsider, it's a bit of the city I'm less familiar with but I understand this area to be having a bit of a renaissance at the minute - with LAB bar being one of a couple of new openings.

It wasn't long before the food arrived. I'd heard that the hanging chicken kebabs were something of a signature dish here, so this seemed like the perfect choice for my first visit. This was tasty bits of grilled chicken with peppers and tomatoes on a skewer hanging above a bowl of cracked pepper chips. This is served with either lemon and herb, peri peri or jerk bbq sauce, poured from above - coating the chicken and dribbling onto the chips below. I went for peri peri, which had quite the spicy kick to it, and the whole thing was really really tasty. 

spicy chicken leeds

Dessert is always my favourite thing, and though it's a bit of a shame the dessert menu isn't as extensive or exciting as the other menu elements, the Chocolate Fudge Cake recommended to me was not only delicious but a pretty sizable portion too! This came with cream served in one of those little school science beakers, which I thought was a nice touch in keeping with the 'lab' theme but unfortunately my camera seems to have decided to the pictures. A beaker of cream is always a good way to make me happy though. 

desserts at lab

If I'm ever at the Arena for anything this would definitely be on my drinks list - there's still a lot of cocktails on that list to try!

Big thanks to everyone at LAB Bar for sorting us out with food and drinks!

Also, if anyone else wants to come out for Dining Club next month in Leeds just let me know! :)

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