12 September 2014

MEATLiquor, Leeds - Review

It's not often I get to drag that fella of mine into Leeds - it's not his favourite place - but since were over for something else at the weekend anyway I thought I'd take advantage of the opportunity and get some food while we were over that way - and the newly opened MEATLiquor was top of my list!
Burger places are sprouting up in Leeds like weeds at the minute but I'd been hearing such glowing reports of this place from blogger buddies who had attended their pre-opening party that I definitely wanted to check it out for myself and see what the fuss was about!
great burgers in leeds
As we arrived a little after 12 on a sunday it was still pretty quiet when we were shown downstairs to the restaurant (there's a separate bar upstairs for drinking-only!)

I don't really know what the owls are about, but I'm always happy to see owls! I liked the meat-loving mock-newspaper wallpaper too. In fact there was plenty to look at once we'd finished staring at the menus!

leeds burger place
As you might imagine, considering the name, there is booze a-plenty to be found - a cocktail list as long as my arm as well as plenty of beer and wine options would have definitely tempted me if my visit were a touch later in the day - as it was we settled for a 'brown cow' (that's a root beer float!) and a 'black cow' (coke float) between us. These were not only delicious (if a little tooth-destroying!) but came with extra coke/root beer for topping up!
meat liquor ice cream drinks
Despite a warning on the menu that the freshly cooked burgers could take up to 20 minutes to arrive, ours seemed to arrive in front of us in next to no time. Mine was the Green Chili Cheeseburger - a beef patty with cheese, spicy chili butter, red onions, pickles, lettuce, ketchup and mustard. It was a masterpiece - spicy, but not so much it killed off the rest of the flavours which were all grand (apart from the pickles, which I removed - who eats pickles?!)
tasty spicy burger in leeds

The other half was in burger heaven as MEATLiquor provide a surprisingly rare menu option - a completely plain burger! It was a nice change for him to not have to ask to remove half a dozen items and he must have really appreciated it because by the time I looked down at my burger and looked up again he'd more or less eaten his!

The burgers are cooked 'medium' as standard, so they come pretty pink and juicy - remember to let them know if you want yours a bit more well done!

We decided to share a portion of cheesy chips, and sharing was a great choice - these portions are pretty huge! They were really generously cheesed too - I hate it when you get a tiny sprinkling of cheese just enough to over about three chips!
All this month, as an extra treat, there's plenty of discounts to be had for lucky diners! When you are brought your bill, you are given the opportunity to roll a die - your result could mean nothing, it could mean a free meal! There's nothing to lose and a 50% chance of a discount so it's a great promotion in my eyes - especially since me lucky roll meant we got half off our meal!
There were a couple of little niggles - I noticed they automatically add a service charge onto your bill which I'm never keen on (not that I generally have a problem with tipping, and our waiter was a delight, I just think I like having more choice in it?). Also, both burgers being served on the same tray rather than individual plates made me very aware of the likelihood of me dropping bits of my messy burger all over the table (or would have if the Mr hadn't finished his so quickly I pretty much got the tray to myself). But then, I am exceptionally clumsy so understand this may not be a concern to others!
That's just me being picky though, overall I thought the place was fab! I'd definitely go back, and now that I've tried the meat I need to try the liquor!
You can book a table through the website or say howdy on twitter!

EDIT: The Owls! So, MEATLiquor got in touch re: my owl confusion and all has become clear - here's a clue!

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