1 September 2014

Memebox - 2014 A/W Colours

Now, you may not believe me here but I initially had no real intention of buying the 2014 F/W Colours Memebox. Yet somehow it popped up in a conversation that made me have a second look at it - that, added to the sudden and devastating end of summer weather, made me reconsider. A box of make up selected to suit the cold Autumn/Winter months seemed like something I did want, afterall!

So into my basket it went, and it arrived a couple of days ago! Here's what came in this one:

jewel toned make up

DD'ell Stay Forever Gel Eye Pencil in Twilight Purple and Garden Light (RRP $14 each) - I'll admit to have been building up quite the coloured eyeliner pencil collection recently, probably a bit too much for someone that doesn't really wear a lot of it! These colours are beautiful though, and different to anything I have so far. I'd have imagines the light colours would be more S/S that A/W but to be fair could imagine these looking good all year round!

coloured eye liners

DD'ell Illumination Eye Shadow in Shimmer Green (RRP $11) - I don't really wear eyeshadow, though this makes me want to because it's just so pretty! I think the colour would be great with the eyeliners in the box too - I just cant decide if it's worth me keeping it or I should find it a better home, somewhere it will be loved and appreciated.

Shara Shara Fairy's Perfume Nail Polish in Lilac Bora (RRP $4) - This on the other hand is something I'd definitely get some use out of - in fact it went pretty much straight on my nails once it arrived. The nice wide brush is good for easy application and it gives as really pretty shimmery finish, in one of my favourite colours. Not to mention the bottle is probably the most ridiculous nail polish bottle I have ever seen, making it brilliant. From the fairy princess handle, the heart shaped bottle and the childish name, it seems so much more like something that would belong to my daughter - but I love it! (And she can keep her grubby paws off!)

extravagant nail polish bottles

Witch's Pouch Love Me Blusher in Sexy Swan (RRP $14) - I really like this, a very pretty colour - just the kind of warming shade I'd want for those cold winter days! I was most pleased to find this came with it's own brush neatly tucked away inside the compact too, always a bonus (I lose brushes like you wouldn't believe so it's always good to have a back up or three!).

korean blusher

Witch's Pouch Popo Lipstick in Burgundy Wine (RRP $12) - If there is one good make-up based reason to look forward to the impending colder months, it's a good dark red lipstick. This is perfect and I'm sure will be adorning my lips on many occasions in the upcoming seasons!

autumn winter lip colours

Yadah Angel Liptint in Red Wine (RRP $8) - Another great lip product, I love the colour of this, it's really vivid. You have to be a bit careful with application, as if you get it anywhere you aren't supposed to you know about it, but if you get it on straight it's really pretty!

All in all a rather grand result for a make up box - I'll end up using pretty much all of these products (and the only one I'm not really sure about, the eye shadow, IS very pretty just not really for me) and so it works out really good value for the $23 plus shipping that it costs on the website (around £18 in total, but that's without applying any discount codes and there are usually plenty of those flying about!)

For those not already up to speed with Memebox, who they are and how they work, here it is in a nutshell.... A very special and awesome beauty box company, Memebox are based in Korea, the home of the worlds most exciting beauty developments, but ship these fabulous beauty delights around the world providing a fantastic opportunity for us to try out some of the most cutting edge innovations and cutest design ideas available. Rather than a monthly subscription box, Memebox regularly release new boxes along specific beauty themes (ones currently available include things like the Very Berry Box,  Yoghurt Cosmetics, and All About Brows, for example). Though there is also a monthly 'Global Box', unthemed and filled with a variety of products, too. Boxes are priced between $15 and $39 (that's US dollars, so actual cost will depend on current exchange rate!) depending on size and value, and standard shipping costs around $7, though there are often deals and discounts to be had! Another way of saving money is to buy one of the Value Sets, as you are only charged for one lot of standard shipping and your order is automatically upgraded to express shipping so you get your boxes even faster!)

Unfortunately this box is now sold out, they do tend to go pretty quick, but there's always plenty more on the Memebox website tempt you!
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  1. This is such a fab box and amazing value too x

  2. I just got this box, I love the ridiculous nail polish too! The eyeliners are amazing, they are so long lasting! Do yours twist up for more product though? Mine don't which I think is a bit of a rip off...

  3. This looks like a fab box, the liners and eyeshadow are all gorgeous shades and the lip tint looks super pretty too! :)

    Jess xo

  4. I think the shimmer green looks quite nice: I imagine it would be fairly subtle.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  5. What a fab box! I never heard of it but I would love to try it!


  6. Those are some creative names, love the witches pouch. The name alone would make me buy it in a store!

  7. this is definitely an autumn box!! really gorgeous! The first thing that pops to mind with those eye colors and the lipstick is a green witch makeup for halloween!!! :D
    Alice|Alice's Beauty Madness

  8. You got some great stuff!

  9. These colours look stunning - I've mostly gotten skincare Memeboxes so far, may have to try some of the makeup ones!


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