5 September 2014

Memebox Global #14

Yup, it's another Memebox - this time their newest monthly mystery global box!

Honestly if people are getting bored of these then do tell me, I won't be offended (an it might make me stop ordering as many!) - but people keep telling me they like peeking in them so until I hear differently I'll just keep 'em coming, shall I?

Here's what came in Memebox Global #14:

Shower Mate Perfume De Whip Body Wash x2 ($4 each) - Each box came with two out of a possible three body wash fragrances. I got the 'refreshingly crisp' Pure White Blossom and 'elegant rose and jasmine' Marilyn Red Fantasy. They both sound lovely and I like the packaging but I can't tell you what they smell like as they came all sealed up and much as I like the look of them, I think they'll make a great little present for my Marilyn-loving sister in law so thought I'd best leave them sealed for now!

Sally's Box Mask 4 Pack ($14 for all of them) - A little pack of four cute looking face mask: three 'hydrogel' masks and one Love Recipe Apple Mask that just looks and sounds completely lovely.

Beauty People Miss 100 Super Waterproof Gel Liner in Glimmer Bronze ($38) - This is the full size version of a smaller eyeliner I got in the set that came in the My Cute Wishlist box. As such I probably wont keep this one for myself (we should do a comment vote on whether I do a blog sale or a giveaway on my extra bits!), but it IS gorgeous!

snow white make up

VOV Good-Bye Black Smudge Waterproof Mascara ($19) - New mascaras are always worth trying out and I don't think I actually own a waterproof mascara so this is a nice welcome addition to my collection.

Kocostar 4 Package Set ($20) - More masks! This is a fun little collection, with masks for feet, hair, nails and spots. I'm really looking forward to the nail one in particular as my nails are always a bit damaged looking, so hope this makes a difference to them!

foot mask hand mask

Sua Young Mineral Essence in Liquid Foundation - This claims to be lighter than a BB cream and better at covering imperfections that a CC cream, so sounds right up my street as I really don't like anything heavy on my face. It also has an SPF of 33, and I do like a decent SPF in my face products!

lighter than bb cream

Recipe By Nature Golden Time Vita Capsule Essence ($42) - This is an 'essence' for your face, chock full of vitamins to brighten and smooth out skin. I have a few similar things (as the Memebox seem to generally be pretty full of miscellaneous bits of skincare) so not sure where I'll fit this is, but I think the colour separation in the bottle is pretty cool - cool enough to encourage me to use this over other products? Maybe!

mix together korean product

a;t fox Fantasy Holic Lip and Cheek Designer Pencil ($7) - Isn't this a cute little thing? This lip and cheek colour (though I imagine I'll mainly use it on my lips!) came in one of three shades and mine is 'Rose Beige'. I really like the colour and seems to apply nice and smoothly too. 

rose beige lip

Wasn't that a packed box? The global boxes come in at $23 plus postage (of $7) which means all in all it would have cost me around £18 (and that's without any of the discount codes that seem to float around pretty often!) - that makes it only a few pounds more than something like a Birchbox (which I think usually come in at around £13 including postage if I'm not wrong?) and I definitely think these work out better value as it's mainly full size products - as well as a way of trying things that aren't as easy to come by over here! 

These aren't available in a monthly subscription as such but Memebox always have a huge range of boxes to choose from. The global boxes are the closest thing they have to a 'monthly' series box but unfortunately you can't subscribe to pay monthly for these, you just have to grab them quick when they become available on the site. At the minute the next one up there is box #17, or you can pre-order boxes 17-19 in a bundle - but there's plenty of other styles of box to choose from (my current picks are the newly released brand-based Tony Moly and Holika Holika boxes, I can imagine there will be some really cute stuff in here!) 

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