25 September 2014

Memebox - My Honey Box

So they don't become too boring and repetitive, I'm trying to drip the Memebox posts out slowly, once a week or so. At that rate I still have enough to keep going for probably a couple of months without even telling you how many I've ordered that haven't been delivered yet!

Today's is my recently arrived My Honey Box, for no other reason than it was the first one off the pile when I realised it was getting dark last night and I better take some pictures quick while I had the chance!

It's a fun one though, I loved the first Honey Box and I'm very happy with this one too! 

Korean beauty products with honey as ingredient

Migabee Antipollution RE-Peeling Mask ($37) - containing honey, bee venom, propolis and royal jelly to exfoliate and brighten skin. It's a sticky face mask that should peel off when dry. Despite owning a wealth of face masks I don't actually have a lot of the peel-off way of things and think they're really fun!

Mi Click Makuna Honey Treatment ($5) - This is treatment for dry hair. I struggle a lot with my hair and something like this that promises deep nourishment is right up my street. I don't see a lot of hair products in these boxes and it does make a nice change as I'm likely to use this up a lot more quickly than I would another face wash or moisturiser.

Enesti Apple and Honey Shea Butter Hand Cream ($5) - I seem to have been going through hand cream like crazy recently! I don't know if it's the colder weather or something else but my hands have been dry as a bone, and this is a very cute addition to my handbag!

From Nature Multi Effect Collagen Honey Mask ($1) - Another sheet mask for the collection!

Edmong Honeybee Water Cream ($29) - A fab sounding moisturiser that can also be used as an overnight sleeping mask. It contains lost of nice ingredients (honey, green tea, hyaluronic acid) and not a lot of nasty ones (parabens, mineral oil, artificial colourings) and it has cute little bees on the box, hurray!

Daycell Essential Honey Lift Massage Cream (£20) - the 'lift' in the title comes from the claim that this product, with its honey and collagen complex, will help firm up your skin. I'm always wary of such claims but if it works then fantastic and if it doesn't it's another nice honey based moisturiser so it's not the end of the world!

Pure Smile Snail Lip Treatment Honey ($5) - I was really pleased to spot this in my box as I instantly recognised the packaging from the handcream that was in the first honey box. Sadly that's all but used up now but I loved it - it didn't even take me long to get over the 'snail' factor! If the lip treatment is anywhere near as good as the handcream then I'm very happy!

This box was originally $29 plus postage, making it one of the more expensive Memeboxes but I got it as part of a bundle with a couple of others meaning I saved a bunch on shipping. There's also usually discount codes to be found (for example at the minute you can save $5 with the code BZOP!) so the boxes usually work out pretty good value!
The My Honey Box is sadly sold out now, but as well as the occasional re-stock Memebox are constantly releasing new boxes. The ones currently tickling my fancy are the Wine and Cheese Box, of the Etude House brand-based box that I can imagine is going to packed full of the cutest Korean bits and pieces!  
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