28 September 2014

My Week In Beauty

Last weeks post outlined an ambition to actually start working my way through my so far unused beauty stash and surprisingly I've managed a whole second week without getting massively distracted and forgetting about it, hurray! 

Here's this weeks treats:

Lush Amandopondo Bubble Bar - This was a present  from Sharon a little while ago, as she knows I love Rose scented things. This lovely little bubble bar contains Rose Absolute and Lemon Oil so smells like Turkish Delight, and a delightfully sweet one at that! The bubble bars from Lush often work out as their best value bath products as you don't need to use the full one in one go - I crumbled around a third of this under my hot running water and got masses and masses of lovely sweet-smelling bubbles so still have plenty left for future baths!

almond bubble bar

L.vida nail polish in Honey Melon - This was part of a fairly massive nail polish order from Memebox earlier in the year. I usually stick to the boxes (as you may have noticed!) but at one point they had everything from this brand at half price, making them $3 each - I could hardly say no a bargain like that - especially when there were so many pretty colours to choose from! 

I love Honey Melon - I've always had a leaning towards green polish anyway and this is such a lovely soft shade - it reminds me of apple flavoured sweets or something. For such a cheap polish I find these apply really well - they have a nice wide brush which I always prefer and the finished result is creamy and smooth. 

green nail polish

Sallys Box Friendly Berry Berry Lip Patch - I did promise to try one of these out this week as I seem to have amassed a couple of these lip patches and I can't imagine they'd ever be used for anything more than a bit of a novelty. This one promised to be 'super plumping and moisturising' - just pop the weird jelly lips over your own for ten to twenty minutes!

I kind of propped myself up at a semi-horizontal angle to help keep this in place, as I don't imagine it would have stayed put if I'd been wandering round with it on. The texture was a bit odd - like if you'd flattened a bunch gummy bears and then wet them before sticking on your face. I'm sure I looked even sillier than I felt, too. I wasn't expecting much from this in the way of results, but to be fair when I did take it off my lips did feel plumper.  They didn't look any different to it may have just been relief about being freed from their jelly prison.... I don't think these will become a particularly common feature of my beauty regime but it was quite fun.

So that was my week in beauty - I better go dig some new bits out for next week! Anything here you've tried or would fancy?

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