23 September 2014

The Happy Box Company

You know I find it really hard to resist the lure of a good subscription box, but with my Memebox addiction still out of control I really need to stay away from any additional beauty extras. SO I was very excited to stumble across The Happy Box Company on twitter around the same time they announced the theme of their next box would be Afternoon Tea. As you can imagine, it didn't take a lot of convincing me to get one ordered and it arrived this week!

a box full of afternoon tea themed goodies

Having not really heard or seen much of this company before I was half prepared for a bit of a disappointing arrival, but I was very pleased with my little box! Here's what came in it -

Well I had to start with my favourite thing - just how sweet is this little teapot necklace? I can see this adorning my neck on many afternoon tea visit to come!

tea lovers jewellery

Cake toppers - perfect timing as we'll be having a tea party this coming weekend for little madams birthday!

The heart shaped lace doilies seem too lovely to actually use, but I think it'd be mean to have them and not get them out at the weekend, and the love ring is pretty but not really me so I think that might also be donated to the birthday girl!

love ring

The notebook and pencil on the other hand is definitely all mine! 'Drink tea and make notes' - it makes such sense but I hardly ever make notes when I go for afternoon tea, then have to rack my brain to remember what kind of cakes we got, or how much cream came with the scones! From now on I have this lovely little stitched note book to make all my tea based notes in!

tea notebook

The last thing in the box was this awesome little 'craft pack', stuffed with tea-themed card and cupcake ribbon as well as pencils, pompoms and other lovely crafty things. I haven't decided what to do with them all yet but I'll be sure to let you know if I come up with anything! 

Rather than signing up to a subscription. each box is sold separately each month for £14 plus postage. Each moth has a different theme and Octobers theme is due to be announced tomorrow so keep your eye on the website or twitter account to see what it is! 

I don't know if I'd get this every month, it would all depend on how much the theme appealed to me. but this Afternoon Tea Happy Box made me very happy indeed! 

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