21 September 2014

My Week in Beauty

I have so many beauty products that I keep meaning to get round to reviewing (or even using!), so this post marks the start of a new concerted effort on my part to at least say a few things about a few things. I'll never get through things individually, but I figure a weekly round up will not be a good excuse to work my way through my so far untouched products and see what works for me and what doesn't! This week I've been using:

Neals Yard Remedies Nourishing Melissa Nail Balm - I've always had dry nails and temperamental cuticles, but after taking the little ones swimming a bunch of times over the school holidays they were all absolutely battered. The swimming pool water does not agree with me in many ways but it's my poor fingers that really show up the worst of it - so I thought I'd treat them and I knew Neals Yard Remedies wouldn't let me down. I picked up the nail balm in their Leeds store a couple of weeks ago and after just a couple of days use everything was looking much better. It contains shea nut and cocoa butter for moisturising the delicate skin round your fingernails, and horsetail extract, melissa and frankincense for healthier nails. My fingers look like human fingers again, and I'm giving much of the credit to this! 

best thing for sore damaged cuticles

Purederm Nose Pore Strips - I got these a little while ago in the Cocoa Memebox and thought I'd give them a go despite not having used a similar product for many years (I think I was a teenager when this sort of thing first popped up but haven't touched them since then). I think the chocolate element was definitely instrumental in my decision to give these a go - they do smell vaguely chocolatey but you wouldn't want to eat them or anything! I'd forgotten how gross yet fun they are - really satisfying! I don't know if I saw much of an actual change in the appearance of my nose, and I don't really think I would buy them or a similar product on purpose again but if they happen to pop up in another box or something I'd get them used. 

OPI Nail Lacquer in Diva on Geneva - once my nails and fingers were looking a bit better after using the NYR nail balm, I was excited about the possibility of painting them again! The first polish to grace them after a few weeks off was OPI's Diva of Geneva - one that I'd got as part of a previous order with Fragrance Direct (They still have this one and a bunch of others at £3.99 each - tonnes less than the RRP!). I love the big bottles, wide brushes and smooth finish of the OPI polishes and the gorgeous shimmery purple colour of this is right up my street! 

dark purple shiny nail polish

Elle Girl 'I Say Tint You Say Gloss' in Vocal Red - This was another Memebox product (there might be a few of these coming up!), this one from waaaay back in Memebox Global #9. I'd not got round to testing it at all until the other day, in a moment of panic when I couldn't find my beloved Bourjois velvet matte thingie. This looked like the closest colour match to what I was after so thought I'd give it a go. You have to be pretty careful putting this on as the doe foot applicator picks up a lot of product and the bold colour could be quite easily overdone, but once you master it this is a real stunner. Not glossy like I half expected from the name, it actually dries to a pretty matte stain in a gorgeous classic red shade. It doesn't quite stay put as well or as long as the bourjois product but it's the closest thing I've found! 

elle girl vocal red

I have to figure out what I should be using in the week to come - if there's anything you've seen me acquire that you'd like to hear more about do just let me know! 

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