4 October 2014

Jewellery Shop Window

I love bags, I think they're my new shopping addiction. You don't have to worry about them fitting right, like dresses, of being uncomfortable, like shoes. They're completely practical and useful, but come in a massive range of styles, sizes and designs. My newest addition is this gorgeous little Vendula Jewellery Shop Box Bag.

novelty handbags

I love pretty much all of the Vendula bags - their eye-catching designs and touchy-feely embellishments make them a firm favourite of mine and the items  from the brand I already have in my collection always receive comments when I'm out and about with them. 

Despite a large range of fabulous and adorable designs, it's their 'shop window' ranges that make me most giddy - they have cafes, boutiques, shoe shops, florists and even a beauty salon - all in the form of bags and purses. 

vendula shopfront bags

The bags are beautifully designed to replicate the aesthetic of an exclusive store front - from the stripy canopy that also acts as the bags opening flap, to the detailed 'wares' on sale in the window. This one has jewels a-plenty, along with a decorated doorway and potted plants but my favourite detail is the row of window-box ribbon roses. So pretty and touchable! 

The interior, like other products from the brand, is lined with this adorable London-themed fabric. There's a couple of compartments as well as a little hidden pocket - plenty of room for essentials for a bag with such petite proportions. 

vendula bag lining

If I had to pick a low point of the bag, I don't love the 'keep calm' design on the back - I don't hate it but I think it lacks some of the cuteness of the rear images on some of the other bags. Still, I don't think it takes anything away from the glory of the front of the bag which is what will be on display to the world when I'm out and about with it! 

I've still got a long way 'til I complete my Vendula collection - especially since gorgeous new bags seem to crop up on there with regularity - but I'm very glad to be one step closer! Which one next?

*PR item provided in exchange for review! 

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