20 October 2014

Allertons Blogger Day

I'm so behind on everything at the minute that id feels like a million years (instead of two weeks) since I was at Allertons in the Light, Leeds for their awesome blogger day, so it's about time I showed them some love!

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This was actually my second visit to the salon, I'd called in a few months ago for a rather significant hair cut. I was most impressed with it all at the time but never posted about it and my nerves on the day far outweighed my ability to take photographs and form coherent thoughts (fancy beauty places make me nervous!) This second visit was a much more relaxed affair though - not only did my previous experience make me feel more at ease (the place is so friendly!). but I wasn't about to lose about half me hair either!

So, no cut for me this time but it was still pamper-central as I was treated to a wash and blow-dry. I generally do pretty much nothing with my hair (as you can probably tell if you've ever seen it!), and don't even own a hair dryer. The lovely and talented Katie as in charge of my hair for the day and I couldn't be more pleased with both the experience itself and with the end result! I have never seen my hair so sleek and bouncy and amazing - I only wish it looked like this for longer!

Hair is not all they do at Allertons though, and I also had the chance to get up close and personal with the absolutely stunning Paul and Joe make up available! The salon is the only place in Leeds you can pick up these beautiful items (in fact, Paul and Joe are just one of a number of product lines exclusive in Leeds to Allertons), and I not only get to have a good hands-on nosy at them all but had them expertly applied to my face by the incredible make up artist! 

It was very heartening to discover the products are just as gorgeous on as they are in their packaging and can definitely imagine a few of these bits making their way onto my Chirstmas list! In the meantime though, I was very kindly sent away with a few samples to try out at home and I'll be sure to update you about how I get on with these as I go!

where to buy paul and joe in leeds

Allertons basically offer a one-stop beauty shop - as well as hair and make up, they offer a multitude of other beauty treatments including facials, tanning, eyebrow shaping and nail painting! It's got such a lovely atmosphere it's not even intimidating to skittish souls like me - I couldn't recommend them more! 

You can find all the salon details on their webpage, or say hello to them on twitter! 

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