21 October 2014

Bird and Beast, Leeds

This most recent meeting of bloggers dining club (usually me, Hayley, Sammie and whoever else we can drag along) was admittedly a very disorganised affair. I spend the back end of September awash in an ocean of VAT receipts and birthday preparations meaning we'd not really officially organised anything and only decided about an hour or so before meeting that it was still on (because we all like an excuse to eat!) 

Sammie steered us in the direction of Bird and Beast, somewhere she'd had her eye on for a while and once she explained the basic concept of the place it didn't take a lot of convincing to get me there.

better than nandos

The menu is simple, it's pretty much chicken. You have the option of ordering a quarter, half or whole chicken and we decided to share a whole one, along with a couple of sides. When you find a restaurant that specialises in one such specific area you'd expect it to be pretty darn good at it, and I don't say this lightly but the chicken was incredible. Probably the most perfectly cooked chicken I've ever eaten succulent and juicy and so so tasty! 

The chicken was obviously the star of the meal, but the house lager was really tasty too and the chips we had with our meal were also fantastic - really thick but cooked well all the way through, light and fluffy on the inside - more like square shaped pub roast potatoes! I didn't tough the coleslaw (as i think coleslaw is the devils work) but it did seem to go down well with my dining companions! 

coleslaw and chips

Obviously I managed to find room for dessert after that and myself and Hayley both had the Eton Mess, one of my favourite puddings. It's such a simple thing that it'd be hard to get wrong and this was cool and sweet and just what I needed after all that food. The portion size was just about right too. 

eton mess

Sammie had the Creme Brulee, a dessert the I want to like more than I actually do I think, but she sure seemed to enjoy it, and it did give a really good satisfying crunch sound when she cracked the top which is really the whole point of this dish.

bird and beast puddings leeds

If I did have to pick a fault with this place (I'm awkward, aren't I?) it'd be to say that I'm not really into this 10% service charge that's added directly to your bill - I've had this a couple of times recently though when eating in Leeds so maybe it's just a new Leeds thing? Anyway it is what it is I guess and it certainly wouldn't stop me going back, the quality of the food has seen to that! 

I think my next stop here though has to be for the Sunday Lunch - imagine chicken that good with Yorkshire Pudding as well? Perfect!

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