27 October 2014

Christmas At Lush

There can be no denying at this point that Christmas is well on it's way - and I think it's equally as certain that the Christmas released from Lush are as synonymous with the festive season as tinsel and reindeer. Christmas smells, to many, not of freshly baked mince pies of chestnuts roasting by an open fire, but of Snow Fairy.

A lucky bunch of us had the chance to get up close and personal with a few of the festive releases last week at a fantastic event put on for bloggers at the Leeds store. Since it's a place I can imagine calling into a lot between now and the end of December it seemed like a great opportunity to go see what and where everything is!

Though the new releases cover shower gels, cleansers and more - I somehow seem to have only taken pictures of the bath products - oops! I suppose you can see where my main Lushy interests lie though! One of the new bath products that seems to have won the hearts of the Leeds store staff is the Holly Golightly bubble bar - a sparkly spicy pud of a bubble bar!

Old favourites like the Dashing Santa here have reappeared, as well as a bunch of new faces...

... some of which actually have faces. Technically, I think the cute little Wizard Bubble Bar is part of the Halloween range but anything that sparkly definitely has a Christmas spin, and after all it's a 'magical' time of year so I can totally get away with this, right?

If not I'll just have to use him all up over Halloween! ('cos yup, I ended up buying one of these lil' fellas to take home with me, I mean, look at that cute face - how could I not? I just fell a bit bad about crumbling him up in my bath now....)

My only concern with all these new bath treats is the amount of bathing time left before now and Christmas - I've learnt in the past that by the time you get through them all and pick a favourite it's too late to restock! I'll just have to make sure I have more baths this year!

One thing in particular I always look forward to are the gifts. THIS is how you do gift packaging! Every single one of them looks like they were dreamed up by Santa's most creative and excitable elf, with bows and bells (yup, actual literal bells) aplenty, gorgeous prints, funky shaped boxes and amazing themes - of course all choc full of the finest Lush products!

And best of all - the lovely lot at Lush sent us each away with our very own gift set - talk about spoilt rotten! I ended up with the Santa Claus is Coming to Town box which I will show off here in more detail once I've had a bit more time to play with everything but it has some amazing products in it!
Now I'm definitely getting excited for Christmas! Big thanks to Lush Leeds for letting us all run amok in your gorgeous store, and I'm sure you'll be seeing me soon!

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