20 October 2014

Coronation Street Studio Tour with the Daytrip Decider

There is an annual event towards the start of October that fills me with dread. It stretches my mental capacities to their limits, demands full use of all my imaginative skills and still usually leaves me feeling inadequate. This event? My mums birthday. 

Not that I don't like birthdays. Or my mum. It's just that trying to think of a gift that she'll actually enjoy is getting harder and harder every year. She has no interest in chocolates, perfumes or pretty bath products and anything in the way of clothes or jewellery is strictly my dad's territory (and he wouldn't thank me for lowering his already pretty slim options!), so this year I was firmly stuck. 

Until, that is, I heard about the 'Daytrip Decider' tool on the Cotton Traders website. This nifty little tool asks you a bunch of questions about what kind of day out you want - what area, what sort of pace, whether you want to be indoors or outdoors - and suggests somewhere for you to go. I'm always after new ideas for places to visit with the kids and it was them I had in mind when first playing with the site to see what sort of things it suggested, but then I was given the best idea ever

day out to coronation st studio

In case you can't tell from my visual clue above, the Daytrip Decider had suggested a tour of the old Coronation Street studios in Manchester. Inspired! My mum has been a Coronation Street fan for as long as I can remember and this seemed like the absolute perfect thing for a birthday treat! I wasted no time in getting the tickets booked then a few days later we were off to investigate those oh-so familiar cobbles! 

Now, it was strictly no photography on the 'inside' bit of the tour, and for once (because my mum was there!) I did as I was told and kept my camera firmly in my bag. I haven't seen Coronation Street since I lived with my parents where it was on a lot, but even from a non-fan perspective it was a really interesting place to visit! (It turns out that pretty much all the characters I remember from back then have since died horrible deaths... not Gail though, she's still kicking about!) We got to look around some of the cast dressing rooms and investigate the costume department, as well as having a good look round some of the internal sets - those houses are a lot smaller than they look on tv! 

This part of the tour took around an hour, but we were able to explore the outer part of the street for as we liked, taking as many pictures as suited us too. My mum had a great old time and it was pretty funny seeing her get giddy at seeing some of the familiar sights! 

I've been scouring back through the Daytrip Decider for inspiration for a Christmas Present now that I've set the bar pretty high for myself, but I don't really thing paragliding or kayaking are really her thing! Still, there's plenty of suggestions for me and the other half or the little ones, and it'll be particularly helpful if we ever venture further from home and need to know what to find in less familiar areas! Besides, even if I never use it again it completely saved me on this occasion so I couldn't ask for more! 

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