13 October 2014

Memebox - Korea's Most Wanted

Despite a fairly sizable back-order, my only Memebox to turn up in the last few weeks is the Korea's Most Wanted box - so it's a good job it's a good one!

For those not already up to speed with Memebox, who they are and how they work, here it is in a nutshell.... A very special and awesome beauty box company, Memebox are based in Korea, the home of the worlds most exciting beauty developments, but ship these fabulous beauty delights around the world providing a fantastic opportunity for us to try out some of the most cutting edge innovations and cutest design ideas available. Rather than a monthly subscription box, Memebox regularly release new boxes along specific beauty themes (ones currently available include things like the Scrub Box 2,  Wine and Cheese Cosmetics, and Tea Tree Cosmetics, for example). Though there is also a monthly 'Global Box', unthemed and filled with a variety of products, too. Boxes are priced between $15 and $39 (that's US dollars, so actual cost will depend on current exchange rate!) depending on size and value, and standard shipping costs around $7, though there are often deals and discounts to be had! Another way of saving money is to buy one of the Value Sets, as you are only charged for one lot of standard shipping and your order is automatically upgraded to express shipping so you get your boxes even faster!)

Here's what came in the Korea's Most Wanted Box:

Shara Shara Tinted Style Lip Gloss ($11) - The first product in the box was one of these pretty lip glosses in one of two colours, Peach Coral or Fuchsia Pink (I'm very happy to have received the Peach Coral - such a lovely colour!) I love the gorgeous packaging. The gloss is pretty nice too - applies easily, provides a decent level of colour and doesn't completely disappear at the first cup of tea. It's a teensy bit sticky, but a lot less than other glosses - overall I'm really quite pleased with this!

peach coral lip gloss korea

Makeup Helper Pact ($23) - I'll admit that when I knew this box was on it's way I did have a little sneaky look at some other posts to see what was inside, so I knew this was on it's way - but was surprised by the size of it! It's classed as a 'jumbo size' and certainly is generously proportioned (though not so unwieldy you can't just throw it in a bag). Again this came in variety of styles and colours and I did very well to have ended up with the 'light pink', which looks pretty much perfect for me. It smells lovely too.

Hope Girl Nail Travel Bling Bling Set ($14) - A little box containing three corresponding nail polishes - mine came in 'Gold Shine'. I've had a set of these before in another Memebox, and I do like how easy it is to create pretty nail effects with them, but they're not great on their own - a bit thin and take forever to dry!

hope girl bling bling gold

Blithe Patting Water Pack ($46) - Hmm, this is a new thing to me - they do like to keep me on my toes over at Memebox! To use this, you 1/4 fill your sink after cleansing, poor in a lid-ful of this and mix it up, then spend 30 seconds patting the water pack into your skin. Doing so is supposed to remove dead skin cells, deliver moisture and renew the skin, and my variety in particular (the Energy Yellow Citrus and Honey) is meant to revitalise and brighten up the skin. The only thing I don't like is I don't think you are supposed to rinse or dry this off when you are done patting (instead letting it absorb into your skin) and the feeling of wet skin on my face drives me crazy, I just want to have at it with a towel!

korean water

Pure Skin Ice Cooling and Soothing Patch ($18 for 5) - I've not tried these out yet as they are designed to cool and comfort sunburnt skin. I'll stick them somewhere safe until the summer!

Pure Skin Lemon Blueberry Rejuvinating Overnight Mask ($46) - I've confessed before that I'm not very good at actually remembering to apply the overnight masks come bedtime, but I've been doing pretty well out of this one, remembering to put it on twice in the short time I've had it. I think it might be something to do with the completely incredible smell, like some kind of delicious lemony dessert. It feels pretty good to smear all over my pre-sleep face and though I haven't seen any drastic results from it my skin has been feeling pretty good on wake-up. I don't seem to have made a massive mess on my pillow either!

The Korea's Most Wanted Box originally sold for $32 plus p&p (usually around $7) making it one of the more expensive boxes but it's cram full of full sized products - no teeny samples to be found here! This one is sold out now but there's plenty more to be found on the website!

I've got a bit of a treat for anyone who doesn't already have a Memebox account too - get yourself signed up and you could win a whole bunch of Memepoints to get you started! Each Memepoint is worth $1, and you can win a grand prize of 30 points (enough for a standard box and shipping), or one of two prizes of $7 - equivalent to free shipping) - not to mention a free 3 point head start to everyone who opens an account! For your chance to win, sign up here - make you sure are signed up to the newsletter too - and enter your details below!
I'm afraid it is just for new account openers, and duplicate accounts are not allowed, but Memebox promise that they have loads of exciting things coming up for their existing customers soon, and you can always use code RSES04 in the meantime for $5 off!
There's a number of blogs running this giveaway at the minute (which I'll list as I find them to give you extra chances at winning!) but be warned - you can only win once! If you end up winning on more than one blog you'll only get one lot of prize points! Sorry, dems da rules.

You can also enter at:
Opposable Thumbs

* Memebox sent to me free of charge in return for review. Contains affiliate links.

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