29 October 2014

Memebox - My Cute Wishlist 3

The first My Cute Wishlist Box from Memebox was one of my favourite ever boxes, filled with products what were both useful and adorable - it was so good in fact that when the second one arrived I was willing to ignore the fact that it was a good way off being as good as the first one and make sure I snapped up the third, sure that it'd be top notch. Well it's here now and I'm not sure what to think!

cute korean cosmetics

Hope Girl Tinted Lip Balm ($12) - See this is,.. fine. It's not terrible looking but not what I'd call particularly cute. The colour is not bad (I got Hot Cherry, others received Strawberry or Love Peach) and it will undoubtedly get used as lip balm is my best friend. 

Shara Shara Fairy's Make Up Synergy Sun Cream ($21) - With this on the other hand I don't really know where to begin? I suppose, if I am being generous, I can kind of see why someone thought this was cute rather than the monstrosity it is. I think it might be too tacky for my six year old daughter... and for a sun cream I don't think I'd want to carry this around and apply it in public even for the comedy value! 

weird packagng korean beauty

ddung Family Milky Foam Cleansing Cream ($12) - A pattern is starting to emerge, but I never found dolls cute or appealing in any way - even when I was little (much to my mums dismay!). They were always instead somewhere between boring and creepy and where they fell on the scale depended on the particular doll. This one adorning the creamy cleanser I definitely find a bit creepy - staring at me with her huge dead eyes, urgh! 

Shara Shara Kissing Sugar Lip Scrub ($7) - This already scores bonus points for not chilling me to the depths of my soul. The winter destroys my lips anyway so any bonus products to keep them super soft and smooth is great news and this scrub - with sugar, walnut shells, honey extracts and avacado oil - definitely sounds like a handy item to throw in my bag. 

Youngwoosa Oh! It's Lovely and Soft Cream ($47) - I do actually really quite like the kitsch packaging on this cream! I'll have to see how it measures up against others I've got but it pretty sweet looking, 

cute korean cream

Tony Moly Red Cheeks Girls Patch ($2) - These are designed to combat dry, rosy cheeks caused by those harsh winter winds! I'll keep an eye on mine over the coming months and whip these out if it ever seems appropriate! 

On balance I think there were some pretty cute items in the box - they were just balanced out by some frankly terrifying ones too! I guess the idea of what is 'cute' is pretty subjective! 

Though it seems the general opinion of the box wasn't very positive, I don't think it was terrible - and I still have hope that My Cute Wishlist Four will be awesome! Full price the box will have been $23 + postage so I still feel like I've got my money's worth even if I pretend I never laid eyes on the sun cream doll!

As it is, this box is long sold out but there's plenty of other amazing sounding boxes of super cute Korean make up and skin care available over at the Memebox website

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