19 October 2014

My Week in Beauty

It's been another busy week but I've still managed to find time to squeeze in a couple of the more time-consuming products in my arsenal! 

For a start, having a bath can never really be a 'quick' process - a nice luxury soak is something definitely worth spending time on. That boyfriend of mine was off into Manchester last week and i mentioned that if he happened across a Lush store he'd be more than welcome to bring me one back. Having no knowledge of Lush products he picked up the You've Been Mangoed bath melt on scent alone. It was a grand choice - I've not only never tried this bath melt before, I'd actually never tried any of the Lush bath melts (usually opting instead for the more showy bath bombs) - but I do love the fresh citrusy fragrance of this as well as the hydrating effects of all the lovely mango and cocoa butters in it. I did, unexpectedly, find this one of the hardest Lush products to clean out afterwards though! 

Another thing I've been putting off using because of the time involved is this Foot Therapy foot mask that popped up in an old Memebox. Like little plastic socks you pop on, I've liked the idea of trying it but wasn't sure when I'd be able to commit the required hour and a half without having to move too far. Awake far earlier than I needed to be one day last week, I figured the time had come and it was time to get these on! They come sealed up and you have to cut the tops off, pop your feet in these gel-filled little booties and then I taped them in place with masking tape to prevent making a mess! It's one of those where your dead skin is meant to start peeling off a couple of days later, but it's been four of five days and I can't see any peeling yet - though I don't think I had a lot dead skin to start off with? My feet definitely felt nice and soft afterwards though! I don't know if I'd buy this again, but it's more to do with the time involved than the lack of gross skin-peeling effects! 

I stumbled across this Essie nail polish, Hide and Go Chic, when I was tidying up (in my kitchen, for some reason!) and love this colour! It's a gorgeous azure blue that makes me think of holidays. It's a lovely consistency to match the lovely shade - a lovely smooth application with a gorgeous creamy finish. It sort of reminds me of crayons?

I wanted write a nice coherent finish to this post but as soon as I get done I get to go out for mashed potatoes so I'm sure you'll understand and forgive me for just dashing off! 

Ps - not just mashed potatoes obvoously,.... yorkshire pudding too, yum!

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