11 October 2014

My Week in Beauty

I missed last week as I somehow didn't take all the pictures I'd thought I'd taken - oops! Anyway, here's a few bits I've been using this week! 

MAC lipstick in Captive - This is not only my first but my only MAC product, and I do absolutely love it. Now that autumn is in full swing I expect this to be more or less a permanent fixture on my lips until the start of spring. For me, it's the perfect autumnal berry lip.

great winter lipstick

Herb Cleansing Oil Gel - This is one of many Korean cleansers I've amassed by buying way too many Memeboxes, and I switched to this a few weeks ago after realising I just didn't enjoy the one I was trying to finish up (I have too much stuff to be so determined to finish everything I open if it's no good for me!). It has a pump dispenser, and a couple of pumps of the gel rubbed into dry skin just completely dissolves make up and feels beautiful on my skin! When all massaged it, just rinse any excess away with warm water. I've had a long preference for oil based cleansers as they just feel so pleasant to use but seem to clean so effectively, and I really like this one. 

Crabtree and Evelyn Handcream - Not the most exciting  thing but hand cream is definitely one of my most necessary products, only rivalled by lip balm for 'most used item', so I always like to make sure I have one within arms reach at any given point. Crabtree and Evelyn are among my favourites for not only intensive moisturising the handcreams offer, but the amazing fragrances of their products. While I'm embracing autumn with my lipstick, it appears I'm hanging on to the last drops of summer with my hand cream selection - the Tarocco Orange is such a sunshiny scent! 

Hope everyone has had a good week! I managed to wrangle a couple of days off work so keep your eyes peeled for details of my goings-ons! 

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