24 October 2014

Surprise Package from a Surprising Brand

In my time as a blogger I've been lucky enough to receive many exciting emails filled with offers of brand collaborations or fun events, but few have been as intriguing as one I got recently with the subject line 'I want to send you a mystery package'!

I love packages at the best of times (that's why I buy so many subscription boxes, oops!), but a completely mysterious surprise package? So exciting!

The lovely lady behind the email said she was going to pick out something specifically with me in mind after stalking my blog for inspiration - plenty of people I know don't even put that much effort into buying Christmas gifts so I was already feeling pretty special even before my package arrived - and very pleased when it did!

The first thing I noticed when I opened my box was this completely adorable tea cup candle (with hand written note, you can see why I was feeling special!) It doesn't take a genius to look at my blog and work out I like tea so this is obviously right up my street! I was so pleased with this I almost missed the bigger surprise hiding underneath in the form of this rather lovely Mac.

And here's an even bigger surprise - the coat is from Bonmarche! I have to admit, it's not a shop I've ever really though to look in before. It's a favourite of both my mum and my grandma, and so I've always sort of dismissed it as an 'older persons' shop - completely in denial of course about the fact that I am certainly getting 'older' myself!

But but but! This is not an old persons coat! I mean it could be, in that a good mac is a timeless classic that can by worn by pretty much everyone, but its certainly not old person specific - as demonstrated by the lovely Miss Sammie who was my model for the day due to an overpowering bout of camera-shyness on my part. She, and the other carload of bloggers I had with me, were all very keen on this - the pretty pale pink shade playing a large part in this I imagine!

Despite being young and trendy enough for young and trendy Sammie to pull off, it's at the same time my most sensible and grown-up looking coat. It's the one I can wear when I need to convince people I'm a respectable business-woman (which I am!) as well as a cool blogger (which is half true!) while keeping the chill off on these autumn days!
It's not a full winter coat - it never promised to be - but it's perfect for those crisp cool days like today. When I need something warmer though I wont forget to browse Bonmarche's range of coats and jackets now I know a bit more about what they offer!

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