8 October 2014

Tea and Cake at Salts Diner

At school this year the kids have been divided up into 'houses' a la Hogwarts, named after well known local persons of importance. I decided it would be a good idea to spend a recent weekend gaining a little extra education on a couple of these figures, and get cake. Oh, any excuse for cake! 

salts mill cafe david hockney

A quick trip to Salts Mill in Saltaire seemed just the thing to learn a little more about it's famous founder Sir Titus Salt, and - a little less obviously - Bradford-born artist David Hockney. (The links between Sir Titus Salt and Salts Mill may seem clear but the old mill also houses a David Hockney Exhibit in one of its higher floors).

salts mill art shop

Tea was the most important thing - we'd had my nephew and baby niece to stay over the night before and lovey as they both are, it didn't make for a restful night. I was only just functioning at this stage of the afternoon and I needed a good pot of tea just to be able to get us home in one piece. A pretty good pot of tea it was though, thankfully - I opted for Earl Grey as it felt just that bit more indulgent than the English Breakfast, but still goes a treat with pretty much any kind of cake you can throw at it. Plus I absolutely love the Hockey-illustrated crockery and matching menus featuring a cute little drawing of the artists dog.

hockney mug

Cake was obviously also in order, and I went for the coffee and walnut cake, which was delicious with loads of sweet and tasty icing. It was a pretty sizable slice, and in my sleep-deprived state I seem to have forgotten how much it was but I think it was around the £2.50 mark. 

saltaire cafe

The young fella had himself a slice of the Victoria Sponge Cake, which he initially promised I could try then polished it all off before I got a look in. It did look good though, I;m impressed by the amount of filling in there, and he certainly seemed to enjoy it. 

saltaire cake

The little miss on the other hand decided on ice cream instead of cake and took a great deal of pleasure out of her dish of creamy strawberry ice cream and wafer. 

They do offer a fuller menu of 'real' food - pizzas, salads, burgers etc - that looked great as they were being delivered to other tables but it's just not what we there for on the day of our visit. 

The mill is lovely - with large open floor spaces now occupying arts supplies and bookshops, as well as the Hockney Gallery above. There's a couple of other places to eat too. The tea and cake were both really good, and the diner itself was nice enough but for me it lacks the charm of Jeanette's Cakery just up the road. Jeanette's is a very different kettle of fish of course - much smaller and more specialised for a start - but it'll take a lot to shift it from my Saltaire cake top spot. 

Generally though, Salts Mill and the lovely little area of Saltaire are both well worth a visit if you've never been before! 

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