24 October 2014

The Scone Bar, Richmond

Being the educationally minded soul I am, I obviously like to make sure the young 'uns are as equipped to deal with their homework as possible and that this learning process is fun and enriching. So, for example, while preparing his end of term project on The Normans, I figured a quick visit to the Norman castle in Richmond, North Yorkshire would be just the thing. The potential for a visit to The Scone Bar in the same town had absolutely nothing to do with this decision....

best scones yorkshire

Weirdly enough, despite me having this place in mind from the outset (oh ok you got me!), when I mentioned to the little ones that we'd get some food after we'd finished exploring the castle this was also my daughters choice. And such a firm choice it was that when they didn't have any tables left when we first got there she insisted on waiting around rather than going elsewhere. The girl has taste!

When a table had freed up we were seated on the tiny second floor that contained ours and just one other table - very cosy!

We'd arrive a little too early for afternoon tea (not served until 2.30!) so I figured I'd do my best to mimic one by ordering all the requisite parts (sandwich, scone, cake) separately, but I did get slightly sidetracked by the soup. I'd been on a bit of a soup binge after getting my soup maker and making my own and when I saw I could get a bowl of tomato and carrot soup instead of the usual side of salad along with my sandwich, it just made sense.

It's not that the soup wasn't nice - it really was! It's just that I think I've been spoilt a bit by my recent home-made creations and it just wasn't as good as mine (modesty is overrated!) - so I had about half and the little fella finished it off for me, The sandwich was very nice though - really soft bread, lots of nice cheese - winner!

soup of the day at the scone bar

The idea was that I'd order my own slice of cake afterward but crafty little missus had a 'better' plan. She, and her brother, had ordered the 'little people' meal, which included a sandwich, drink, crisps, yoghurt and cake, but she decided she didn't like her cake (she thinks she doesn't like fresh cream, which can't be true), so I should have her little cake and order her a full sized one.

Being a big softie, I went along with it and munched her cute little cupcake (which was lovely by the way, light and sweet and filled with yummy fresh cream - again, how can anyone not like it?) while she happily tucked into this rather epic portion of chocolate fudge cake with ice cream!

richmond desserts

I didn't feel too deprived though as really the main reason I was here was for the scones! The place has more flavours than you can shake a stick at (and sadly way more than I could eat in one sitting!) but some really amazing sounding offerings both sweet and savoury - with plenty available in gluten free versions too! I thought I'd have a real nightmare narrowing it down as I'm frequently incredibly undecisive but I'd caught sight of the words 'Cherry Marzipan' on a board on the way in and couldn't shake them from my mind so I knew that was the one for me! 

so many scones in richmond

There's a list of jams, creams and other accompaniments almost as long as the scone menu itself but I thought I'd keep this one pretty simple and let the flavour of the scone speak for itself. That doesn't mean I didn't practically drown the poor thing in butter though - the scone was served warm so it just sucked up all the butter like a sponge, a tasty buttery sponge!

scone bar richmond

The scone was, as expected, incredible. Absolutely mind-blowingly incredible. I've been dreaming of it since I left! Good enough to make me wish I hadn't bothered with any of the other food so I could eat more scones. I wish I'd had more there and it's just crazy I left without bringing any extras home with me, I don't know what I was thinking! 

hot buttered scone

I'm definitely going to have to call back at some point - there are still so many scone varieties to try! - I just need another really good excuse to take the trip back up the road! Any ideas? 

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