22 October 2014

Sconnoisseur - Luxury Scones in the Post

Every now and then you come across a business that have a really good idea. And, biased as I may be, a box of scones complete with jam, marmalade and tea all delivered to your door, is a really good idea!

Sconnoisseur offer a range of handmade scones in some really exciting flavours, and beautifully bundle them up and pop them in the post, along with the extras needed to really enjoy this oh so English of tea time treats.

I was kindly offered a box of the amazing sounding flavour-of-the-month Pumpkin and Maple Syrup Scones, usually only available to members of their 'Scone Club' (but more on that in a minute!)

scones by post

Only a couple of days later the box arrived in the post, and I know it's only a box but I can't not mention what a good box it is, sturdy and sophisticated with a magnetic fastening, really laying down those expectations of quality and luxury!

I opened it up to find four of the aforementioned scones, along with a tea bag for a brew to accompany each, along with gorgeous little pots of strawberry preserve and orange marmalade to top them. Butter would have been handy but I can only imagine the mess it would make in a hot delivery van so completely understand it's omission!

Unfortunately I made the mistake of having them delivered to work, which meant I had to share! They went down very well with everyone though, and I did manage to get a bit of each with the different toppings on, just for comparison!

I've been to cafes or tea rooms before that have claimed their scones have been freshly made that day, yet have been dry as a bone or rock hard, but these were surprisingly (and pleasantly) soft. The flavour was good, the pumpkin and maple detectable but not overpowering they quintessential scone-ness of them. I really like the orange hue that the inclusion of the pumpkin lends them too, overall these were way better than any postable scones have any right to be!

There's a range of other flavours available and they all sound pretty amazing - I'm not sure whether I'm more drawn to the Rose Water ones, or the White Chocolate and Raspberry! At the minute they only available as single-flavour boxes, but I'm keeping my finger crossed for a future 'selection box' or a pick'n'mix or something so I can try out a few in one go!

If you are interested in trying new flavours though, Sconnoisseur run a 'scone club' (see, told you I'd get to it!) where you can sign up for a 3-month (£39.99) or 6 month (£75.99) subscription and receive a box of different flavoured treats in the post each month. If it's not something you justify buying for yourself regularly, it'd make a great present - like getting flowers delivered but better, because you can eat these!
Also, I can't not mention the great company name. Not only is it very clever in its own right, it absolutely puts an end to any argument over the pronunciation of the controversial 's word'!

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