28 October 2014

Lions and Tigers and Polar Bears, Oh My!

Am I the only one surprised and dismayed about how early it got dark yesterday? By the time I finished work the day already felt more or less over - depressing! Made me long for the long bright days that I guess we wont be seeing for a while! 

Day-long trips in the sun feel like a different world at the minute but it was only really a few weeks ago we headed down to Yorkshire Wildlife Park for Little Madam's birthday and thought I'd share some pictures as I like to remember daylight - and who doesn't love nice animals!? 

yorkshire wildlife park

The Meerkats were our first stop - Little Miss is currently doing a school project on them and knows lots of interesting facts. I wonder if anyone paid any attention to the meerkats before those adverts made them a sensation?


The Lion enclosure at Yorkshire Wildlife Park is pretty massive, but you could still get close enough to see the size of those teeth on that lioness! This might be the first time I've seen lions doing anything other than sleeping too!

lion zoo

yorkshire wildlife park

yorkshire wildlife park

yorkshire wildlife park

polar bear in yorkshire

I was a bit worried when I saw that they had a new Polar Bear bit at the Wildlife Park - I've seen Polar Bears in zoos before and it's never been a happy experience - above is some details about why we shouldn't worry about the conditions this fella is kept in, and below you can see how much space he has. See a tiny white blob in the corner of that first cave? That's Victor the polar bear, and this is his playground. Unfortunately Victor was very sleepy on our visit! 

It seems that I took about 400 pictures of the lovely tiger and missed other animals altogether but there's definitely plenty to see at Yorkshire Wildlife Park. There's a couple of play areas too for any little monkeys you take with you, as few places to buy food on the way round apart from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Despite my woes about the darker days meaning less trips out, the park is actually open all year round (you jut might want an extra jumper over the next few months!) and is well worth a visit!

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