19 November 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas - Household Gadgets

You can tell that you are getting old based on the sort of Christmas presents people buy you. My ever practical parents - never ones to spend on fancy beauty products and pretty shoes as gifts even before I had way too many of either - are long time fans of the household gadget as gifts, which works really well as I'd never want to by myself a new toaster as a treat even if I do need one more than I need another dress!

Here are some of my favourite ideas and wishlist items!

teasmade nutribullet breadmaker

1 - Teasmade. We got one of these two years back from the in-laws and it's completely changed my life. Or at least, several cold mornings. When it was first suggested as a gift my boyfriend's darling mother said 'what would you want one of those for? All it does is make tea in bed for you in the mornings'. Think about that statement for a second. All it does is make tea in bed. How anyone would not want one of these is beyond me! Sure you've got to set it all up ready before going to sleep - it's not magic (but close!) - but it sure beats getting up and going aaallllllll the way to the kitchen on those cold winter mornings for that much needed brew!
2 - The Nutribullet is included because my kids are obsessed with it for some reason! I think they caught an early morning informercial thing and now think it's the most amazing invention that ever existed. I pointed out we have a blender 'but does it crush nuts, mum?'... I wonder what they'd say if I just got them one of these between them instead of any toys though, I can't imagine they'd be too impressed! I missed the infomercial (probably enjoying the teasmade!) but do realise there's quite a bit of fuss around these at the minute!
3 - Breadmaker. My dad and brother both already have these, which means I visit a lot! Fresh bread takes a lot of beating, and my recent obsession with my new soupmaker (incidentally, also a great present!) has only increased my desire to have fresh homemade bread to go with my fresh homemade soup! This fancy looking one from Panasonic has 25 bread and dough modes - plenty to work through, and it makes jam too!

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