9 November 2014

Make Your Own Pizza - Family Dining at Gusto, Leeds

I've been a big fan of the lovely Gusto Italian restaurant in Cookridge, Leeds since my last visit (so much so that I'm going again this week to check out their new menu, woo!) and any excuse for another visit suits me just fine. I'd been meaning to take the little ones up since I thought they'd enjoy the option to make their own pizza and when I heard that on Halloween they were offering free kids meals to those in costume it seemed like the perfect opportunity! Not only did I get to go back and eat more of their delicious food, I got to save money on the kids meals AND get more of my moneys worth out of the costumes - win all round!

kids making pizza restaurant

We popped along on the Friday afternoon as I had a couple of cheeky days off work in the half term break and got all settled in. And initial offer of garlic bread had the kids looking pretty eager so we got a portion to nibble on while we waited. It was a massive pizza-base style portion and plenty for all of us to share!

Gusto restaurant leeds garlic bread

Then it was make-your-own-pizza time! How it works is the kids are presented with a ready made base, complete with tomato sauce and they get to pick three of a list of ingredients (including cheese, ham, sweetcorn, tuna, mushrooms and pepperoni) to decorate their pizza base with. These are whipped away to the oven and presented fully cooked a few minutes later! 

DIY kids pizza leeds

The kids loved the novelty of being able to design their own pizzas, and they looked really tasty too! The kid meals are usually £5.95 and come with a dessert - they also got their own mini chefs hats and activity sheets on the back of the menu to keep them entertained while we waited! 

where can kids make their own pizza in yorkshire

I always find it harder to decide what I want for myself when eating out with the kids (too much time trying to make sure they are organised, not enough time to concentrate on my own menu!) and the options at Gusto are pretty plentiful so I decided to order form the smaller lunch menu just to make the decision easier! The lunch menu consists of around a dozen meal options all served with a drink (a glass of wine, beer of soft drink) for £11.95 and the kids more or less insisted I get the burger - I think they wanted to steal my chips!

Gusto Burger Cookridge Leeds

It might sound a bit weird, but one of my favourite things about this burger is that I could just pick it up and eat it. The last few I seem have eaten out have all been great but have very much been a sort of 'eat if with a knife and fork or get it everywhere' sort of affair, where this was a proper nice big tasty burger that I could eat as a burger was meant to be eaten!

My previous visit to Gusto impressed me but definitely left me with the feeling it was a very classy and romantic restaurant for adults so it was really nice to see they cater so well for the little ones too. They had a great time and I wouldn't hesitate to take them again. that being said, I'm leaving them at home next time so I can have another good look through that cocktail menu!

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