7 November 2014

Harewood House and Bird Gardens, Yorkshire

By heck it's getting dark! Since we seem to be living in perpetual nightfall, I've not been able do much in the way of picture taking so I've dug out these from a time in the recent past where daylight was on our side. I've posted before about our afternoon tea at Harewood House, but here's some more pictures from the rest of the day.

Days out Yorkshire harewood house

There are a couple of levels of admission available to Harewood House - you can get a ticket to just the grounds and 'below stairs' of the house, or one to explore those areas as well as the state rooms of the house. We bought a voucher on Activity Superstore that got us to all areas and included the afternoon tea.

Henry Moore at Harewood

stone fish yorkshire

After a little potter round the gardens we headed into the 'below stairs' area and had a nosy round the old kitchens and servants areas, as well has my favourite bit - a peek in the tea cupboard! 

Harewood House old kitchen

Harewood house kitchens

Harewood house pie

nice china yorkshire

We then headed upstairs to explore the state rooms - that's the fancy bit! The house boasts no less than THREE libraries - that's a heck of a lot of books! The elaborate bedrooms are rather lovely too though, mine doesn't look anything like that! 

manor house interior

bedroom at harewood house

harewood house bedroom green silk

fan display cabinet

My favourite part of the whole place though it the bird garden. Weirdly I never liked birds at all, in any form, 'til a couple of years ago when we happened upon an owl sanctuary stand on an beach and fell in love with a massive eagle owl. Through my owly obsession I've come to appreciate other varieties of the feathery fellas.. 

flamingos at harewood house bird garden

snowy owl at harewood house bird garden

Next to this snowy chap was the sweetest, tiniest little burrowing owl that I saw eviscerate and eat a mouse in the most disturbing and awesome fashion! 

blue and yellow parrot at harewood house bird garden

I have to admit though, the penguins were definitely the star attraction! I know these guys will be particularly popular now with the release of the sob-inducing John Lewis christmas ad, but really penguins are just ace any time of the year! 

Feed the penguins at harewood house yorkshire

harewood house penguins

They can splash though if you get too close!

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