10 November 2014

My Week In Beauty

I spent a lot of my Saturday this week tidying the house. I don't enjoy tidying, but it does have some little side effects - one being that you find loads of long lost goodies! 

This little tidy-up session resulted in the reconciliation of this little nail trio! I got them all in a set found in TK Maxx aaaages ago on our last blogger holiday but I think that trip was around the last time I saw them all together... the polish disappeared quite quickly and by the time I'd found that the topcoat had gone missing. I came across the top coat again a few weeks ago but had by that point left the base coat at my mums. It might be worth pointing out now, just to add to the confusion, that the set also came with a really lovely baby powder scented nail polish remover which I actually didn't lose, but finished up ages ago! 

Lillibet's Jubilee Nail Polish

Individually, I've used the base coat (or 'nail foundation') plenty and really like it - it gives a really nice smooth finish on my usually ridged and rubbish nails - a great base for applying colour. Especially one like this. Lillibet's Jubilee - released to celebrate the queen's 60th anniversary a couple of years back, is a gorgeous silvery foil with an ever so slight lilacy hint. It's a really beautiful shade but I find foil-type polished can be a bit of a disaster if you don't have a decent base to work on as they seem to show up every teeny flaw in application. I don't think I've done a perfect job but it's not too bad either and I reckon the colour is so pretty it might distract from my sloppy application! 

Nail Polish Swatch - Butter London's Lillibet's Jubilee

This lovely bath bomb from Lush also found its way into my hands (and then my bath) this week.... Sparkler is one of this years Bonfire's Night releases and bought it with the fifth of November in mind (though it took me a few extra days to get round to using it!) It did look a lot neater - and in one piece - when I first got it, but I'm clumsy. Plus this smells so good I've sort of wanted to carry it everywhere with me despite risk of demolition!

Rose Jam Scented Bath Bomb from Lush

This bath bomb shares my absolute favourite Lush scent, Rose Jam, and produces a spectacular shimmery golden bath. You just can't beat pretty bath water for making me smile! I as left with just a hint of a sparkle on emerging the bath - something maybe to bear in mind if you have any professional appointments or anything - but it all rinsed away from the bath with minimal effort. 

What does the sparkler from Lush look like in the bath

Plus getting my fireworky bath bomb used up means that next call is the Lush Christmas stash - can't wait to dive into that lot! 

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