14 November 2014

Memebox My Dessert Box

I should be really glad that there's not been a whole lot in the way of new offerings from Memebox, as I seem to have had so many delivered recently! Since it's Friday afternoon and a time for treats (ok so anytime is a time for treats!), I though I'd share one of the latest - the My Dessert Box - with you.

cute korean cosmetic box based on desserts

I'm a massive fan of Korean beauty products, as those of you familiar here will know - at best they are cute and fun as well as being highly effective and these are all factors I appreciate in my cosmetics! Memebox is a great way to dip your toe in a perhaps unfamiliar world, as they package up and send out boxes of great products, often along a theme, like this one! Here's what I got in the My Dessert Box:
Delskin Skin Juice 90 Real Ampoule ($30) - This ampoule (to be used after toner but before moisturiser, Korean skincare has a heck of a lot of steps!) is made of 90% juice xtracts from 13 different kinds of fruit and veg! I don't know why that's particularly desserty -fruit salad? (with broccoli?) but it sure does smell fresh and fruity!

Korean skincare fruit veg ampoule
Navillera Tradtional Dessert Soap ($5) - Each box came with one of nine different versions of these pretty little soaps, each one created into the shape of a traditional Japanese sweet dessert often served with tea. It's supposed to be extremely gentle and suitable for all skin so might let the young 'un have this!

Japanese dessert soap pink flower

Dearberry Single Scoop Blusher in Chiffon Pink ($11) - How cute is this little ice-cream-scoop blusher? Yup, I was definitely taken in by the sweet factor with this product! It does seem like a nice little blusher too though, which helps. The 'scoop' is a cream type consistency but when you blend it into your skin you end up with a more powdery finish. It's not massively pigmented but will give a nice soft glow.

korean ice cream scoop blusher pink cute

It's Skin Cookie & Hand Cream ($9) - I won't lie, this little tub is probably the reason I'm so into this box! The hand cream looks and smells exactly like mint choc chip ice cream. It's incredible and it makes me SO hungry! Smelling this on my hands all day has been driving me a little crazy actually, but the good kind of crazy where you don't want it to ever stop. I'm going ice cream shopping tonight because I can't take the thought of going a whole night without eating any! It's actually a really nice hand cream too - sinks right in, moisturises without being greasy and you only need the tiniest amount. I wouldn't normally have bought hand cream in a tub as it just doesn't seem overly practical for just throwing in my bag, but I'd forgive this pretty much anything.

Mint Choc Chip hand cream

Carver Korea Le Petit Prince Crème ($46) - I was initially really excited to see this because I thought it had something to do with the book - one of my favourite - but is apparently a collaboration product with a famous Korean make beauty blogger. It's still proper cute though! The only dessert association I can find is the description on the Memebox card of the products 'pudding-texture', which is a bit tenuous but I'm not one to hold a grudge when they send such nice things! It really does have the weirdest texture though! It looks like a gel but it's really thick, practically solid. Weird, but feels nice on your skin! This apparently can be used as toner, emulsion, ampoule, cream and face mask all in one which is nice as it cuts down on some of the steps I really don't understand!

Korean skincare pudding

Shara Shara Lemon Tea Pore Stick (£12) - The pore stick is used to control excess oil and brighten up uneven skin tone when it's applied directly to the skin. It's another product in the box that smells fantastic, and it gives a lovely cooling effect on sore skin too. A winner!

korean skin care pore control

The box would have cost $23 plus P&P at full price (though there's usually discounts floating round!) and I'm very happy with it! There are no bad products and a couple of really good ones! This one is sadly sold out at the moment as I mentioned above, Memebox seem to be having a bit of a 'new box drought' at the minute (which is probably good for me!) but there are still some great sounding boxes left on the site!  
And now if you'll excuse me, I have to go buy ice cream....
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