6 November 2014

Memebox - Tropical Fruits Scent Box

I've recently had one of my favourite kinds of deliveries - a new Memebox! (Ok when I say I had 'one of my favourite deliveries' I've had about a half dozen boxes arrive in the last week or so but this is the one I'm showing you first!) This one is the Tropical Fruits Scent Box.

Before I show you what I got in it, here's a little about Memebox for the uninititated: A very special and awesome beauty box company, Memebox are based in Korea, the home of the worlds most exciting beauty developments, but ship these fabulous beauty delights around the world providing a fantastic opportunity for us to try out some of the most cutting edge innovations and cutest design ideas available. Rather than a monthly subscription box, Memebox regularly release new boxes along specific beauty themes (ones currently available include things like the Wonder Woman BoxPumpkin Pie, and Tea Tree Cosmetics, for example). Though there is also a monthly 'Global Box', unthemed and filled with a variety of products, too. Boxes are priced between $15 and $39 (that's US dollars, so actual cost will depend on current exchange rate!) depending on size and value, and standard shipping costs around $7, though there are often deals and discounts to be had! Another way of saving money is to buy one of the Value Sets, as you are only charged for one lot of standard shipping and your order is automatically upgraded to express shipping so you get your boxes even faster!)

And now onto the goodies! 

fruit scented products

Boutique Bebe Coconut Pack ($20) - This is described on the information sheet as a 'soap-like facial pack for deep cleansing, treating enlarged pores and improving skin elasticity and firmness' for use once or twice a week. And though I must have read that when I first opened it, I must have then forgotten it because I've been using it every day for the last week or so, only now realising I've been doing it wrong - oops! To be fair though, over-using it doesn't seem to have done me any harm! I'd been a bit worried about using this on my face as I'd never used a proper solid soap on it but it's really nice, not drying like I expected - and smells lovely and coconutty!

Korean coconut pore soap

Ladykin Twinklight Soft Foam Cleansing Kiwi (£10) - I've been using this for a week or so too (the coconut pack in the mornings, this one in the evenings) and it's a really nice cleanser. Foam cleansers aren't a particular favourite of mine but the fresh fruity scent means I'm still very keen on this!

Korean cleanser kiwi fruit

Konad Niju Mango Moisture Hand Cream ($6) - You can never have enough hand cream, and now the cold weather is kicking in I'm practically bathing in the stuff but the tropical mango scent of this one is like injecting a bit of summer into my dry paws!

Korean mango hand cream

Konad Scented Polish ($6) - There were a few different shades of polish that appeared in the boxes but mine came with kiwi - a fruity scented bright green polish! Quite a thin formula, this did need around four coats to get looking opaque and smooth but it's quite a fun colour (one I'd usually save 'til summer though I think!), with the teeny black speckles giving it a bit extra and it really does smell of kiwi!

green scented nail polish

Evas Vitamin Body Wash ($6) - I've not actually tried this yet as I already have several body washes on the go, but I've tried a different variety from the brand so I'm pretty confident in it's quality! Again this one came in a number of different fragrances but I'm happy with my papaya! Very tropical!

Korean Shower gel papaya fruit

I forgot to mention the best thing about this and the other scentboxes - this box, with its five full sized items, was only $15... and not only that but if you bought it in a bundle with the other scent boxes it was released with, you could get all three for $30! It's maybe not as exciting as some of the other memeboxes but you really can't deny that value!
Of course, it's all very well and good me telling you this now as they are all unfortunately out of stock at the minute - but it's definitely worth keeping your eye on the site for any new releases and great deals! You can also get $5 off any $30 order with the code QTX7RL!
* Box sent free of charge for review purposes, contains affiliate links.

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