3 November 2014

Mirabilia Olive Leaf Tea

Though I'm far from a tea expert, I'm certainly a tea 'enthusiast'. I like to drink it whenever I can in a multitude of forms and flavours, but this is my first ever Olive Leaf tea.

Mirabilia Olive Leaf Tea
I was recently sent this lovely little packet of leafy goodness from the lovely folk at Mirabilia - these guys really know their olives! They've been harvesting olives from their organic olive grove in Abruzzo, Italy for 10 years to make Olive Oil but more recently they've been harvesting the leaves too. This means not only less waste - always a good thing - but that we get to drink their awesome and super healthy tea!

olive leaf tea instructions

Mirabilia are not only reviving the ancient herbal tradition of olive leaf tea drinking, but are using this tea venture to help boost the local area - providing employment in a declining area and helping to safeguard the ancient olive groves from the onset of open-cast mining. As well as the tea leaves (all hand picked and hand 'scrunched'), all the labels, bags and weighing/packing machinery are all locally sourced. I can't help but admire this community-based approach - and knowing all this makes me feel really good about drinking their tea and you all know I like a good excuse to drink tea!

olive leaf tea antioxidants

Another thing that makes me feel good of course is the tea itself! This stuff is SUPER healthy - caffeine and tannin free, higher in anti-oxidants than green tea, and proven to aid weight loss and boost the immune system.
Of course, it's only good for you if you can drink it - which means it has to taste good! (Or, for something so healthy, I think it probably only has to not taste bad!) So how is it?
Pretty darn good! It doesn't have a strong flavour - it's there, a earthy wholesome sort of taste, but subtle with none of the bitterness of green tea. It's really easy to drink, and is alright both hot and cold (though I prefer it hot - it's lovely and warming and it's delicate flavour means it's good to drink as a 'warmer' even on the very rare occasion I don't fancy a 'proper' tea). The tea leaves can be refreshed up to a couple of times as well which means a small bag can last ages!
The tea is available from the Mirabilia website here, and there's a couple of varieties to choose from (I definitely fancy the lemon and wild mint!) and there's also a few places you can pick it up in person found here. There are so many good reasons for giving it a go!

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