2 November 2014

My Week In Beauty

Whoops, I missed a week last week as I was too busy having tea - but I'm back with some fun new products I've been playing with this week! 

essie red polish lush bubble bar

I got this adorable little sweetie - Lush's Wizard Bubble Bar - at the recent Christmas event at the Lush store and since he's part of the Halloween range this seemed like the perfect week to get him in my bath! The way the bubble bars work is that you crumble them up under running water and get gazillions of thick foamy bubbles. You don't have to do the whole thing in one go either meaning they make pretty great value for money as you can easily get two or three baths out of the one product. This one has tangerine oil, juniperberry and and fennel essential oil so leaves a scent that is cheerful and warm, and turns my water beautifully purple too! 

cute halloween bath bomb
The polish adorning my nails this week is Essie's 'A List', one that I happily received in my goody bag from a recent event in Sheffield (you can see the rest of the amazing contents here). It's a really beautiful creamy classic red and went for ages without chipping too! (I saw ages, was probably about three or four days which is pretty good going as I always seem to destroy them straight away! 

Essie A List Swatch

The lipstick is another item I found in my Sheffield goody bag - Makeup Revolution's rather eye-catching green lipstick 'Serpent'. While green lipstick didn't strike me as something I'd wear regularly  but was perfect for halloween week. While I didn't bother getting myself a costume or anything, one swipe of this and I instantly look like I've made a bit of an effort - perfect! 

Make Up Revolution Serpent Lipstick

What have you been using this week'?

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