20 December 2014

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (via Lush)

Seems like ages now since I went to an event at the Lush Leeds Store to check out all the fab new Christmas products, yet at the same time I can't quite believe how quickly Christmas has come around this year! At the event I was sent away with one of their awesome gift sets and I've been busy trying it all out since! 

Not only is the box for the Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (£33.95) set rather special - a house that comes with stickers so you can make your own cosy festive scene! - but it's chock full of some of Lush's finest seasonal items too!

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Gift Set

Butterbear Bath Bomb - Isn't he a cutie? Unfortunately I didn't get to try this fella out as the little lady fell in love with him and claimed him for herself, but she just bought another today with her own spending money so she must have liked him very much! He has a lovely sweet vanilla scent - the same as the Butterball Bath Bomb - and contains skin softening cocoa butter. 

Lush Christmas bath bombs butterbear

Dashing Santa Bath Bomb - this is the one that caught my sons eye in the store but thankfully he's a shower kinda guy so I get to keep this one! His little golden boots fizz away first making him look like he's running around the bath, leaving a red citric fizz in his wake. This bath bomb contains mandarin oil, bergamot oil and orange flower absolute to recreate a 'satsumas at Christmas' fragrance and certainly does lead to a cheery bath... even if my lazy santa sauntered more than he dashed! 

Lush christmas bath bombs santa

Lush christmas dashing santa

Snow Angel Bath Melt - I've not much to say on this one at the minute as I'm saving it for my Christmas Eve bath! It's a pretty thing though with a marzipan scent and golden shimmer aplenty so hopefully it'll help me forget all my last-minute wrapping stress and drift away into a peaceful slumber (until I get woken up at the crack of dawn by the enthusiastic little ones!) 

Lush Christmas bath products Snow Angel

Holly Golightly Bubble Bar - This is one I remember the Leeds store staff were very enthusiastic to show us, and I can see why! It's a corker alright, huge and glittery - it definitely looked the part! the silver coating hides a gorgeous deep green core, and when crumbled under running water provides masses of festive bubbles as well as colourful bath water! The scent - comprised of patchouli oil, persian lime oil, clove leaf oil and sweet orange oil - is sweet and warm and spicy, so the result is 'like bathing in a hot toddy'. These are £4.75 to buy on their own but could easily get a few baths out of it so works out not badly priced at all! 

Lush Christmas bath products green water

colour of holly golightly bath from lush

So White Shower Gel - this is one of the new shower gels released this season and I'll be honest on first investigating all the Christmas shower gels, this was my least favourite. Compared to the other scents, like the much hyped sugary sweet Snow Fairy or my beloved Rose Jame, this one just seemed to be lacking a little power. Tried at home though, where it doesn't have to directly compete against a store full of other Lush products, it's actually really lovely, with a crisp apple scent and a hint of shimmer. I'd still be unlikely to buy this again over some of the other festive fragrances, but will enjoy using it until it runs out! 

lush apple christmas shower gels

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb - I can definitely say, in no uncertain terms, this is my favourite thing in the box. It's glorious! I've seen it in store for years over Christmas time, but for some reason this one never really called to me like a lot of the other bath products - and I'm SO glad I this gift set made me finally give it a go! The fragrance is lovey - an uplifting blend of sweet orange, lime and cognac oils - but it's the magic this works in the water that makes it so extraordinary! The most beautiful sea-blue colour with gorgeous golden shimmer running throughout and little gold stars floating around you, it looks perfectly fine in the picture but you need to be IN the bath to see just how beautiful this is! 

Lush Christmas present bath bomb

Prettiest bath bombs

Reindeer Rock Soap - I'm tempted to not use this and just keep in hanging around so I can sniff it frequently! It has the same gorgeous berry scent as the Comforter bubble bar, which is one of my favouritess so it's lovely to have it available in other products! It's a gorgeous looking bit of soap too - the reindeer design is inspired by ancient Scandinavian cave paintings and the silver shimmer against the gorgeous deep red of the soap is pretty darn festive too! 

lush christmas soap smells like the comforter

Snowman Shower Jelly - I was so impressed when I was shown this in store and realised that he unfolded into a snowman! How cool! Since I let my bath loving daughter play with all the bath bombs, its only fair I give this one to the young lad to have in the shower. Since I hate the idea of this all disappearing down the plug hole on first use, the helpful Lush Leeds staff suggested cutting him into cubes and using one at a time - genius idea! Though I feel bad about giving him the chop! 

christmas shower gel lush

I generally think you can't really go wrong with any of the Lush gift sets as Christmas Gifts, and this one is no exception - there are some amazing products and you certainly wouldn't need to give this any extra gift wrapping! If you still have Christmas shopping to do, you could do much worse that heading to your nearest Lush store and picking up one of these! 

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