11 December 2014

Typography Of Love - Personalised Christmas Gift Ideas!

I'll admit I did have a bit of a panic earlier today when I realised it's only two weeks 'til Christmas! I've done pretty much no Christmas shopping and I know I'm probably cutting it a bit fine now when delayed deliveries, product sell-outs and last shipping dates are all looming, so I better get my skates on! Thankfully, the lovely chaps over at Toxic Fox have got my on my way by sending me one of these gorgeous Typography Of Love word art frames!

For me, products like this are the ultimate gift, in that I don't think it's something you'd really ever buy for yourself - it can only really be given to someone you care about. On that basis, I requested the frame be put together with my daughter in mind - it'll be not only a lovely addition to  her freshly decorated room but a lovely long-lasting reminder of the girl she is today - as the frame design means you get to incorporate personalised words to reflect the interests and passions of the receiver. Emily, for example, is a little girl with a deep affection for vampires.

You can choose 10 personalised words, including the main name or central work, to create your word art. There's also a choice of eight colours and a number of design shapes (including a shoe, cocktail glass and babies pram) - as well products like mugs, phone cases and cushions being available in addition to the frame, so there's no end to the amount of personalised gifts you could create for all your loved ones.
Of course there are loads of other amazing Christmas gifts available from Toxic Fox, but though I like to think I still have loads of time left to do the rest of my shopping even na├»ve little me is aware that personalisation does take that extra bit of time so orders for these need to be in pretty soon!
Still got a special someone you need a thoughtful present for? Go go go! The Typography Of Love products in all their various forms can be found here! You can even get an extra 10% off with the code TFBlog - you're welcome!

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