17 December 2014

Beauty Bargains with Direct Cosmetics

You know I like a bargain. I can't resist a deal or a discount so I was over the moon when I discovered the Direct Cosmetics website - brand name products at for less than the RRP!

direct cosmetics bargains

I was offered the opportunity to spend £30 on the store and I couldn't believe how far that £30 went! My first choices was the Elizabeth Arden Hydrating Mask - I'd had it recommended to me and it sounded just the thing to give my poor dehydrated winter skin a boost! This was just £6.99 on the site, a massive saving on the £22 standard retail price.

discounted elizabeth arden

The next thing on my list was a couple of the Clinique Chubby Sticks - Voluptuous Violet was £3.99 and Mega Melon £4.99 - again both hugely discounted! These both came unboxed, which I imagine accounts for at least part of the reason for the lower price, but since they just get in the way or thrown out anyway I for one wasn't fussed! It was my first experience with these much-discussed products, and I'll confess that I was a little surprised they weren't more pigmented, but that's just me not really checking what they were like beforehand and just merrily going along with anything I've heard of! The wash of colour they give is nice though. and they are beautifully moisturising. I don't think I'd have been impressed if I'd paid full price for these but for £4-5 each then I'm very happy!

discounted clinique make up

I've had my eye on the W7 palettes for a while so was very pleased to see a couple of them amongst the selections available. I settled on the 'In The Nude' palette as I figured it'd be the one I'd be most likely to use! I've since heard that this is a dupe for the Naked 3 palette but since I don't have - and haven't even seen in person - Naked 3, I can't really comment on how close a copy it is! I can only judge it in its own right but on this basis it does very well! There are some beautiful shades here, a couple of the paler ones lack for power but the coppery/goldy ones are pretty mush all rather gorgeous. This came in at just £5 and for that price I have no complaints!

urban decay naked dupe

Unlike the products so far, I'd never heard of the Hard Candy Split Personality Eye Shadow Duos but popped them in the basket because I thought they looked pretty! Plus I like really easy to use shiny eyeshadows - the big palettes and lovely brushes are super for applying make up at home but not so good for on the go, so thought I'd give these a go!

buy hard candy

I wasn't sure how it worked at first but on investigation it seems the eyeshadow cream is tucked up safe in the lid and in contact with the built-in applicator. When you take the lid off some of the eye shadow will have transferred to the applicator and you then just bob it on your eyelids. A couple of them need a bit of a jiggle about to get the colour distributed properly, and it's hard work getting enough to cover a whole eyelid or two, but the shades are very pretty! At £2.99 per duo stick they didn't break the back either, though nor are they something I'm likely to repurchase!

cheap make up sites

As I was coming close to my spending limit, I thought I'd round it all off with this nail polish trio. You can never have too many nail polishes (I say that, I have way too many nail polishes!), and these MNY Maybelline shades come in from as little as 99p each!

Maybelline MNY swatches
If you are looking for something to add a little sparkle to your festive season, or for a last minute stocking filler for a beauty lover don't forget to check Direct Cosmetics for bargains!
*Items sent free of charge

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