13 December 2014

Beer 52 - Craft Beer Subscription Box

I'm not historically an ale drinker. My younger years were primarily infused with lager and cheap wine. But recent years - perhaps a combination of age and experience, perhaps something to do with the fact that the best night out my home town has to offer is at the wonderful Bier Cafe The Sparrow - have certainly led me to develop a taste for the stuff. 

So I was very excited to be recently offered the opportunity to receive and review one of the fabulous Beer 52 craft beer subscription boxes. I was already familiar with the company, as I know my father in law had a subscription for a few months and discovered many new favourites through them, so knew I was onto a good 'un. 

Beer delivery service

Beer 52 is the UK's No 1 Craft Beer Club - each month their team of expert beer tasters select 8 small-batch beers, box them all up securely and get them sent out for your drinking pleasure. The beers you get sent could be from down the road, or half way across the planet - Beer 52 select the inclusions from over 12,000 microbreweries from all around the world to choose their very favourites. 

The box I was sent contained offerings from my very own Yorkshire, Belgium, Wales and Greece, among others! 

Unfortunately my more extensive notes on the individual beers disappeared with my laptop (you may have seen my complaining about my recent office break in on twitter) but there's definitely a couple of stands outs amongst the eight that I wouldn't forget! 

Belgian BOM Brewery beer

One such standout was the 'Triporteur From Heaven' from the Belgian BOM Brewery - a hoppy blonde brewed with malts baked on site at the brewery. This also has one of the most bananas labels of the 8 too! 

Signature Pale Ale Beer 52

Firebrand Graffiti IPA Beer 52

I didn't try the Graffiti IPA from the Firebrand Brewing Co in Cornwall as I'd let Jess drink this one on holiday but she assured me it was lovely!

Beer delivery IPA

I think I'd already decided that The Hop Studio's Blonde would be a favourite simply based on the fact it was brewed just up the road in York. My beer instincts didn't let me down, as this was was indeed really good - as it says on the bottle 'light, crisp and cool'. Lovely.

Beer brewed in York

Tiny Rebel Brewing co Cwtch Beer 52

Cwtch was another one I was keen on trying, having enjoyed beers from the Tiny Rebel Brewing Co before. This one is a red ale, making a change from what seems to be my preference for the blondes, and the brewery's branding is something special! 

Thursdays Premium Red ale

In fact, the only one of the eight I wasn't really keen on was Killer Cat's Circus IPA - a wee bit intense for my tastes - but hey, you can't win them all, right? 

Beer 52 November Box

Each box is £24 including delivery - which works out at £3 per beer. Undoubtedly you could pick up cheaper beer in the supermarket if you know what you are after - but many of the breweries here aren't available in the supermarket so if you are looking for new and exciting beers to try, or just want a helping hand working out what the right sort of ale for you is, this is a great way to do it. 

Plus if that price is still a bit on the steep side, you can get £10 off your first box with the code TEACAKE10 - so it would run in at a neat £14, a great way to test out the service and get an idea about the kind of thing you'd find included. 

And if you are not a beer drinker, I reckon a Beer 52 subscription would make a heck of a Christmas Gift for any ale lovers in you life! Sign up here

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