13 December 2014

Bloggers Holiday - Adventures in Osmotherley

I know I already posted about the awesome cottage I stayed in recently with a bunch of my most favouritist bloggers but didn't get much chance before to show you around the lovely area and some of the things we got up to! 

Sammie had more or less elected herself in charge of cooking for everyone on that first night, which suited me perfectly! We were all booted into the cosy living room while head chef Sammie and her assistant Hayley got to work cooking up a storm! Sammie had promised us tapas and didn't let us down in the slightest - cooking what I think came to around 12 separate dishes! I think she even outdid the Mexican feast she cooked up for us on the last trip! Once we'd eaten through everything (I think we left like half a bowl of green beans - everything else was completely demolished!) it was back to the living room for drinks and Frozen on DVD. What happened after that I'm not sure as I was the first to sneak off to bed! 

The next day, after a bit of a late start we headed into the main bit of the village to investigate (and eat!) Our cottage was about a 10 minute walk from Osmotherley 'centre', where we headed into one of the three pubs for lunch. We did try to nip to one of the others for dessert but didn't realise they'd all stopped serving food at 2.30 on the Saturday afternoon - we were definitely not prepared for the village opening times! 

We did manage to find ice cream and chocolate at The Village Store to tide us over for sweet things and after a little look round the rest of the village (adorable but not a lot happening!) we headed on back home.

While we still had a little but of daylight left on our return to the cottage a few of decided to go to find the reservoir that we knew was nearby but hadn't spotted. On asking one of the locals for its whereabouts we were pointed in the right direction and told it was 'very close'. I think we had very different ideas about what 'very close' means! We did find it in the end and though we didn't stick around (it was pretty darn chilly by this point, and we didn't want to get lost in the woods on the way back) it was very pretty and I'd love to make a summertime re-visit! 

On Sunday we headed into Northallerton (where I spent all my money in the Bettys shop - you can see all the delicious goodies I bought here!) where we also stumble across Donkeys (I love the little sign, in case you couldn't tell what they were) and what looked like the beginnings of the local Christmas parade! 

By the time we all got back to Osmotherley we were starving, and having verified pub food times the day before we headed to The Three Tuns for a delicious Sunday dinner. 

We finished up with a drink at the third and final of the three pubs - didn't want to leave any out! - before the dark walk home for our last night at Cote Ghyll cottage. It was time to try to finish up all the food and drink we'd brought with us and male sure we were ready to leave the next morning. Twas sad to pack up and leave but the area is close enough to home to visit again with no trouble, and I'm sure I'll be seeing my to blogging ladies again soon! 

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