21 December 2014

Bluebird Tea Co - The Christmas Collection

I was too slow in the autumn, waited too long, and before I knew it all the autumn teas from the amazing Bluebird Tea Co that I'd wanted to get my hands on had sold out - so I knew that there was no time to waste when the Christmas Collection was released! I got these all ordered as quickly as I could and they've been fueling my December work afternoons since they arrived - and boy am I glad I got my hands on these! 

My favourite of this year's Christmas range is the Christmas Cake Tea. It says on the packet 'combines our three favourite things: tea, cake and Christmas!' - I don't really think you can say fairer than that! Though I don't really like Christmas Cake, I love the smell of it - and that delicious fragrance is recreated perfectly in this packet of dried tea! This contains Ceylon black tea, vanilla, almond, cinnamon, cloves, orange peel, spruce needles, and the prettiest little snowflake sprinkles. Unfortunately we seem to have rinsed right through this and only have a teeny bit left - hopefully enough to get us through the next few days is we use it sparingly! 

spiced festive tea

christmas cake flavoured tea

The Snowball Tea is another beauty - containing coconut, chocolate and mini marshmallows along with Ceylon black tea for a lovely sweet tea. The additional flavours are a little more subtle than in the Christmas Cake version but still very interesting and tasty. The melted marshmallows give the tea a nice sort of cloudy appearance - makes it feel very indulgent while being a lot lighter than hot chocolate! 

coconut chocolate and marsmallow in tea

Christmas Teas

The Mulled Wine is my least favourite of the seasonal releases but that's entirely down to personal preference (I'm not so keen of fruit teas) rather than lack of quality. The 'mulled' fragrance is incredible and it's that gorgeous festive combination on orange. clove and cinnamon that that makes this incredible enjoyable even for someone not so keep on the base tea. Plus it's the closest I can get to drinking mulled wine while working! 

Mulled Wine flavoured tea

Christmas Teas

The last of the new teas is Candy Cane - Ceylon black tea with spearmint and vanilla to really capture that sweet minty taste of the favourite festive treat from which it takes its name! This is just lovely - my favourite way to finish off a meal as it's sweet enough to cover dessert (the addition of stevia gives it a bit of an extra sweetness!) while being refreshing. Mint always feels like a 'finishing off' flavour - I guess 'cos it feels a bit like brushing your teeth? 

Sweet Minty Tea

I'm SO glad I didn't miss out on this lovely range! And - even more good news! - these are all still available on the website! If the Christmas ones aren't your thing there's loads of amazing tea flavours and varieties available on the site - I'm trying to work my way through them but I'm nowhere close yet!

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