18 December 2014

Messy Baker Apron - More Christmas Ideas from Toxic Fox!

Still Christmas Shopping? Someone panicked me at the weekend by telling me that all the couriers were too busy and were refusing to pick up any more packages, meaning nothing was going to get delivered - arrrghh! Thankfully of course it all turned out to be not true, but it did inspire me to get my skates on and finally get some presents ordered, and it looks like just about everything is here with days to spare, phew!

For anyone later than me (I can't be the only useless one who has lost all track of time!), I've seen on twitter today that you can order all the way up to Monday to still expect a pre-Christmas delivery from Toxic Fox! Unfortunately you'd be cutting it a bit fine for any of the personalised items (a real shame since I already wrote about what lovely presents I think the Typology Of Love frames are)  but they also carry loads of great ready-to-ship items and have a little something for everyone so no one needs go without! You can find all the 'guaranteed for Christmas items here.

One thing I've loved this year from Toxic Fox are the beautiful 'Messy Baker' aprons they stock - see how pretty this is?

pink hearts baking apron

toxic fox baking gifts

And it has a real-life pocket too! Nothing winds me up like those pretend pockets that I keep going to put things in only to find they are sewn up and just for display. And if you are going to include a pocket, it might as well be a frilly heart shaped one!

baking gifts

pretty aprons

These are available in four different designs on the website, all prices at £24.99 and they'd make the perfect present for any bake-happy lady in your life (or treat for yourself as a great incentive to bake other people Christmas gifts!) The only problem with this it's too pretty to use as an apron, I'd rather get my clothes messy than this!
If this isn't what you are looking for I'm sure you'll find something suitable by browsing their Christmas Gift section - don't forget to watch the gift guide videos for inspiration too! And if you find that special something for that special someone, you can get 10% off orders with the code TFBlog!

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