4 December 2014

How to Make Beergaritas

I know I've promised posts about our recent little blogger getaway but since I took about a million pictures to work through I need a bit more time to get them narrowed down. In the meantime I thought I'd share maybe a couple of little snapshots of our activities - this one taking the form of a post on holiday-cocktail-of-choice, the Beergarita.

really easy cocktails

(Ok so 'cocktail of choice' might be a bit strong since I ended up drinking most of this jug to myself but I enjoyed it!)

These were a bit of a throwback to our last holiday where we cobbled these together in the aim they'd go with our 'Mexican Night' feast and they went down such a treat we thought it'd be worth recreating them! Here's how you make a Beergarita:

how to make beergaritas
You need:
Beer (something Mexicanish like Corona would be spot on, but we had Carlsberg Export and it was just fine and dandy)
Triple Sec
Official measures seem to come in at around 1oz each of the lime juice, tequila and triple sec per beer, but if you've ever read any of my baking recipe posts then you know that measuring stuff is not my strong point. I squeezed out about 3 limes worth of juice into a jug then added what roughly looked like the same amount of tequila and triple sec. Three bottles of beer were added and then I topped the whole lot off with lemonade.

beergarita recipe
That's pretty much it. It's so simple I feel cheeky calling it a cocktail. You can fancy it up with ice or whatever else you have to chuck in there, or of course adjust amounts to suit taste preferences.

Since I'm a boring adult now, it's the only way I'm ever likely to go near tequila these days, as well as being the reason I can't look at a lime without thinking of Hayley. All hail the Beergarita!

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