9 December 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I'm a bit late in getting organised this year - I normally like to be all ready to dive into my Christmas DVD collection with a box of Christmas chocolate in a tinselled room at the very start of December but work, trips away and general disorganisation meant it wasn't until this weekend I finally got all decorated and festive! 

The most important part of getting into the Christmas spirit is getting the tree up - once that takes up half my living room there's no getting away from the fact that the holiday season is upon us! I know so many of you have themed or colour matching tree decorations but ours is a ridiculous hodge-podge of random stuff. We have brightly coloured baubles, felt santa hats and a variety of woodland animals collected over years - and the whole thing is topped with a bear. I know a star or fairy is a bit more traditional but we think Celine the Christmas Bear is the perfect tree topper for us! 

belgian bear

Since the appearance of the tree had us feeling all festive we thought we should carry on the Christmas activities over the weekend. Obviously we needed to visit Santa and I heard that he was going to be at the Wood Beneath the World in Leeds this weekend so I took the opportunity to explore this oh-so-intriguing of venues and meet the man himself. 

I'm not sure what there is left in the way of tickets for the Wood Beneath the World but if you get the chance to visit I highly recommend it - as well as the kids weekend storytelling sessions there are adults events going on in the evenings. The 'woods' were 'discovered' underneath the town hall and are strikingly eerie and magical! 

wood beneath the world santa

Santa was a bit different to how you might imagine him but we were left with no doubts whatsoever that this guy was the real deal! 

wood beneath the world santa

We popped for lunch at Red Hot World Buffet - not the most festive of choices perhaps (though they did have plenty of turkey!) but free face painting, balloon animals and table magic made it well worth a visit! 

Reindeer Balloon Animal

One of the reasons we went to Red Hot was that I didn't want to venture too far from The Light in Leeds as I'd heard they had a number of family events and things happening on the run up to the 25th and I was particularly intrigued by the idea of meeting Bjorn the polar bear. 

Bjorn at the Light

I'll admit I was initially skeptical about just how good an animatronic polar bear would be - I had visions of those terrifying waving robots at theme parks of my youth - but I'd been told Bjorn was worth a look and I was curious as to find out why. I have to admit I was truly amazed - this thing was incredible! So lifelike and playful - a wonderful thing to see and the kids were blown away. If I'd seen this before meeting Santa I'd definitely have asked him for one for Christmas! 

Animatronic polar bear

If you are about in Leeds on the 14th December they have a Frozen themed day of adventures too - including face paining and photo opportunities - as well as a brass band playing Christmassy tunes!

We've made a healthy dint in the Christmas films list too - even making a trip out to the cinema to see Nativity Three (which was pretty awful, as we'd expected. but still made my cry. I'm such a Christmas wimp!) - and we made some new tree decorations from these cheap little kits in Tesco! 

Hand made cross stitch robin tree decoration

I'm nearly done with my festive ramblings for now but I just give one last shout out to my newest Christmas Jumper! It just arrived this week, I'm nuts about it! Santa said he liked it too so I know I'm on to a winner! 

Cartoon Network Christmas jumper Adventure Time

Now I just need to actually buy some presents - eek!

How festive are you all feeling?

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