22 December 2014

Memebox Christmas Collection - Stress Free Holiday and My Holiday Glam

I know I'm a good day late for a Memebox Monday post but hey, it's Christmas - we'll all have lost track of days before too long! And to make up for it I've got two shiny new boxes to show you today - Stress Free Holiday and My Holiday Glam were both released by Memebox recently as part of a special Christmas Collection!

Here's the Stress Free Holiday Box contents:

Memebox Christmas Box

Recipe by Nature Ice Cream Swing Gloss in Very Lovely ($6) - I know I should be old enough now to be above getting really excited about things because they are shaped like cute desserts.... but I'm not. I never mind getting excess lip products because I'm forever losing them - though I hope this doesn't go missing too quickly as it's very sweet!

Cute novelty Korean cosmetics

Angel's Black Head Eraser Coconut Soap ($12) - I've been using a similar sounding coconut soap from a previous Memebox for a little while now and I really like it (a surprise as I was really unsure about using soap on my face, expecting it to be really harsh and drying) so it's nice to have a back up - though I don't think I'll need it anytime soon, these bars seem to take a lot of use without getting any smaller!

Korean Coconut soap

Dipodeur Dress Perfume in Lime & Mandarin (£19) - I love the name 'dress perfume' for a fabric spray, makes it sound so much more exotic and sophisticated! The gorgeous classy packaging of this product doesn't hurt in that respect either! There were a few different scents that went in the boxes, but the one I received - Lime & Mandarin - is really lovely! I really like these sprays for bed linen - so lovely and fresh!

Korean Dress Spray
DD'ell Moisture Facial Mask in Gold Kiwi ($7) - I've not opened it up yet but even through the packet this feels pretty thick and luxurious so I have high hopes! This one is supposed to and detoxify skin while giving a brighter and more youthful complexion.

thick korean sheet masks

Neogen Neoday Don't Cry Armpits Deodorant ($17) - The best name for deodorant, ever. This just makes me smile when I look at it! The fragrance is pretty strongly perfumed, and I don't usually use stick deodorant, but I'll give it a go anyway to see how we get on!

Korean deodorant

Shara Shara Gold Label Repescargo Cream ($41) - Once I got over the initial 'ick-factor', I've found very pleasant results using snail-based products before so will definitely crack this open one I finish my current moisturiser!

Korean snail moisturiser

The second box for this Christmas was more make-upy, here's the My Holiday Glam Box:

memebox Christmas box korean cosmetics

Peripera Wholly Deep Jewel Pot in Burgundy ($29) - oooh this is pretty! It's certainly bolder than anything I'd usually wear on my eyes - I'm a bit of an eyeshadow wimp - but it's go gorgeous and sparkly and Christmassy that I might have to be brave and bust this out on Christmas morning! It can help counteract my otherwise casual approach to dressing for the day!

glittery eyeshadow from korea

Deoproce White Flower BB Cream ($12) - I've discovered some amazing BB creams in these Memeboxes but have built up a bit of a stash now so might be a while before I get to this one! I like the pretty packaging though!

Korean BB creams

Vivito Painting Jelly Tint in Squeeze Cherry ($29) - This is such an odd consistency, different to any other lip products I own! The weird jelly formula is a breeze to apply though and gives an instant tint that is noticeable but not too unnatural. Its really pretty, I like this a lot. Its a teensy bit sticky on at first but nothing on most glosses out there.

Korean lip gloss

Cool Enough Studio Mirror ($15) - I never carry a mirror with me, so must look a right state while out and about half the time but I'm blissfully unaware of it! This could definitely come in handy for those days when I really should make sure I don't look too wrecked!

handbag mirror

Dearberry Rockat Girl Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner Purple ($5) - I really like this colour - sorry you can't see it very well in the pictures! (I'm blaming my entire lack of decent lighting for not getting anything better but hopefully I can show this off fully in the springtime!) It's a really dark purple - not too far from black - with just a hint of sparkle.

Purple korean eyeliner

Eclipse Poppy Red and Fresh Green Nail Polish ($7 each) - What a festive duo! I haven't actually painted my nails in ages as I wrecked half of them in a cupboard door incident and I've been trying to nurse them back to health so I can get them pretty looking at Christmas! I'd be likely to use both of these individually through the year too.

korean nail polish brands

I'm altogether very pleased with my festive offerings from Memebox! Most of the products here fit the theming a lot better than in recent boxes (even if I can't quite make the connection for all of them!) and nearly everything will get used at one point or another! More than anything though I think I was just overjoyed to see some new boxes after a bit of a drought! Hopefully this wont be the end of new boxes either, as it looks like they are releasing a series of Boxing Day Specials too!
Hopefully there'll be lots more along these lines in the new year!

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